Before you read the article let me be frank that I am doing my share of stereotyping, just like all Hindus are called Castists and All Muslims are called terrorists. It’s only the “Liberal”, “progressive” west funded people, who are the cleanest of them all, and well here is a reality check. I am not very religious not a bigot at all. I find religion to be a man made construct. It should remain a matter of personal faith. With all the truthfulness at my command, I would like to say that I only intend to bust the myth of liberal and progressive model that some people follow. Every coin has two sides, matters like religion and culture have many.

What prompts me to write this article is a certain kind of propaganda taken by ‘secular’ NGO, many of which are west funded. India does not need a certificate from the west in their model of secularism. These NGOs and Green Peace which presumably work for noble causes act as a tool of the foreign policy of the west.

One thing which I don’t understand is that what the need that Ms. Pillai, the Green Peace Activist, found that she rushed to British Parliamentarians. India and its vibrant democracy provide many options. India’s judiciary has been good enough in taking cognizance of matters concerning the social welfare. What was so urgent that she chose to fly to London and not New Delhi or Supreme Court to give a presentation before the British MP who may use her reports on that particular matter to jeopardize India’s interests?

Recently, India’s government has rejected the findings of a report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom that criticized the treatment of religious minorities since it came to power last year. My question to them is, is it all good there. No prejudices, no discriminations happening at all. They seem to have a selective amnesia, ignoring their own past, how they obliterated the Native Americans from the continent of Americas and Australia. The priests came up with the idea of spreading diseases that were unknown to those poor souls. They had this call of divine duty of Christ. Similar things happened in Australia and New Zealand, where children were separated from their families to ‘civilize’ them. Cathy Freeman of Australia and an Olympic Gold medal winner, 2000 Sydney Olympic is an example. They tried it in India too but were met with ferocious revolt. In fact, the religious propaganda of the missionaries was one of the reasons responsible for the revolt of 1857.

More recently, After the Charlee Hebdo attack, the whole of Europe came together to condemn the attack. Not one voice was heard when the magazine went on printing Cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, something not allowed and akin to a sin in Islam. Everything was said in support of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to cause emotional hurt which is emotional violence.

It’s one thing to mock fun at yourself, printing cartoons of Christ. Mocking others is where the problems start. Telling Muslims that all 1.5 billion are terrorists as many poorly educated people in the west do.  The 1857 revolt was a result of their Christianity propaganda.

Their tactics have not changed, Western media has called India country where women are raped, not given their dues. Hindus are called Castists bigots. They don’t get why we don’t eat beef just the way they don’t get why Koreans eat dog meat.

They suffer from a selective memory loss. There are many racist attacks taking place in the whole of USA, UK, and Europe. These do not have value to the CNNs and BBCs. I fail to understand where these people get the moral courage to call the Indians by these names. Recently French troops were found guilty of sexually exploiting young boys in Congo, Africa. Would it be right to call them perverts and pedophiles or how would it be if there is film named after the incident, The African Sons? I will do my share of stereotyping too. Last public lynching of a black happened not many years ago. Ku Lux Clan still is alive and kicking at least ideologically. The founding principle of Catholic sect considers Christians most supreme then why blame Wahabi and Salafi Islam.

There is a saying in India which means before you point fingers at other do look within. The West and its propaganda machinery must not preach us as long as they have done everything to correct their excesses in the world in the past and present. Christian Missionaries changed whole populations of South and North America, more than half of Africa today is Christian. The aborigines of Australia and New Zealand have been converted into Christians. Back home, in India the tribal of North East were also converted into Christians.  There are a hundred problems in the western world like drugs, hate crimes, sexual crimes.



Contributor: Sachin Diwaker