Narendra Modi on Time Management…

This post came out as a result of a video sent by a good friend of mine Dr. Pradip Joshi from Bhavnagar. This video was recorded somewhere in Daang District, where a student asked Narendra Modi – How he manages his time.

In this video, Narendra Modi gives age old but extra ordinary insight into time management using example of Ben Franklin and K.K. Shashtri.

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Narendra Modi Speech on Time Management

This is what I learnt from conversation:

  • Everyone has 24 hours in a day. People who want to work,they do not have time problem. People who do not work or do not want to work, will always have an excuse to show that they do not have time. Busy & hardworking people will always find time to get the things done that is important.
  • That brings us to next point he made, based on the autobiography of American president Benjamin Franklin. He recommended that we all must read the biography of all those great people who changed the fate and future of the countries and world. Most important thing he conveyed from the biography was to decide our priorities. We have to decide what must be done, what should be done, what does not need to be done and what makes no difference whether done or not done.



In other words, we all need to learn to categorize our work into 4 different categories:

  • Important and Urgent
  • Important but not Urgent
  • Not Important but Urgent
  • Not Important and not Urgent


If we focus on first 2 categories, we all can get more things done, that matters the most.

Do you really get tired by working hard?

No, if you are doing the important tasks. On the contrary we get immense satisfaction by doing the important tasks. We actually get tired if we do not do the important task and drag ourselves in not doing it – because deep down in our heart, we know that it’s important and we are not doing it.

He further emphasis the point by talking about the Literary Legend K.K. Shashtri and his work ethics. It taught me 2 things – first obviously how K.K. Shashtri used every minute of his life to do what was the most important task of his life at that particular point in his life.

It also taught me how we can learn a lot just by observing the life of great people.

And that is what we are doing here!!


Narendra Modi Ji Routine & Management


Happy Reading…Namo!