As Indians we feel proud to have our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name in the influential people list of Time Magazine.  In addition to it, President of United States of America, Barack Obama called him as INDIA’S REFORMER-IN-CHIEF .  Only four people from Indian origin have been named in the Time magazine list of 100 most influential people of 2015.

Other than Narendra Modi, there are other influential people of Indian origin in the list of Time Magazine for 100 Titans, Pioneers, Artists, Leaders and Icons. The reputed personalities are Chanda Kochhar. She is the managing director and CEO of ICICI Bank. Satya Nadela is the Microsoft CEO. Vikram Patel is the co-founder of the NGO Sangath.

The profile of Modi tells us he is the commander-in-chief of India. It is now one among the most powerful country in the world. It mentions him as “As a boy, Narendra Modi helped his father sell tea to support their family. Today, he’s the leader of the world’s largest democracy, and his life story — from poverty to Prime Minister — reflects the dynamism and potential of India’s rise,” Obama write this review on Sri Narendra Modi. We are proud to have an active prime minister like him. Our country will progress quickly under his stable leadership.

Mr. Barack Obama talked about the close relationship with Sri Modi, He calls Modi by his first name “Narendra”. He recalls his visit to the memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in Washington.

In their meeting at Washington, they discussed about King and Gandhiji’s teachings. They also discussed about the variation of backgrounds and religion in their country. He thinks, it is their strength and they must protect them. President Obama tells us that our PM can identify those working as a team will succeed. According to him, about one billion Indians living together can become a role model for the world.

Obama describes Modi as the person with a combination of the ancient tradition with the modern technology. He practices yoga. He also uses technology like Twitter for communicating with the Indian citizens. He dreams about a ‘digital India’.  President Obama appreciates this lifestyle of Sri Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been honored by President Barack Obama. This appreciation from President Obama will strengthen the relationship between India and US. We are fortunate to see the profile of Sri Narendra Modi written by Obama himself in a reputed international magazine like Time. In the recent issue on 100 most influential people of the world, Sri Narendra Modi gave a prompt thanks on Twitter.

Obama wrote about Sri Narendra Modi in three paragraphs.  The paragraph tells about Modi according to the expression of a liberal-left president. Mr. Obama praises Modi’s humble background.  He appreciates his growth in career from the son of a tea-seller.  He congratulates Modi for becoming the head of the world’s largest democracy, India.  He describes how this shows dynamism and potential of growth of India.

Obama shares the agenda of Sri Narendra Modi. He has Afro-American origin. Being a leader from Democratic Party, he appreciates his effort to provide help to the poor. He thinks about climate change issues. Mr. Obama has mentioned yoga and Digital India in his review. He did not mention Make in India. He also ignored the issue of Pakistan.

Modi discussed about the religious minorities at the end of the article. Indians must live together and work as a team to make the country successful. Then India will one day become a role model for the whole world.

Obama reminded Sri Narendra Modi politely of sustaining pluralism in India as a prime minister. He needs to maintain secularity of India. He revived the Indo-US relations. This was absent in the statement of Mr. Barack Obama when Sri Manmohan Singh was the prime minister.

According to a member of National Security Council of Obama government, at the summit on Republic Day, Obama thinks India is the right partner of United States. But Indians cannot believe it easily. The policies of Barack Obama have liberal-left themes. Obama seems to support democratic India.

Obama has improved the image of Narendra Modi in the Time magazine with his excellent sketch. India is highlighted with Narendra Modi. He kept the topic of US visa ban on one side. Obama had understood Modi is not a narrow-minded person. Modi is a right winger and religious nationalist.