Twinkle Parekh in her own words…

Being an Engineer with work experience in Telecom field for 9 years, I thought I would complete my life doing job and getting a respectable retirement.

My job was no less than an adventure, where there was no restriction as a girl, you have to hold your laptop, your assigned car and driver and no excuses. Even a midnight phone call and run was the mantra of the company, may it be any position.

I used to enjoy all these stuff, but being a mother, changed my perspective and way of looking at life. My kid became my prime interest, hobby and love.

Whenever I was getting some free time, I used to think, what is that, that interests me and I can take up as something called work. The only thing, I knew was I can think and write.

So I made my profile as a writer and rest everything kept on happening. Today, my blog has become my passion. A passion to learn blogging, where I am just forgetting time and place to learn everything new related to writing and blogging.

Meeting Rakeshbhai and writing for is something I earned from this writing passion. Everytime I talk to Rakeshbhai, I learn something new from him and exchange of ideas adds a virtue point in my thinking abilities. Writing on Narendra Modi is my greatest interest and passion.

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