In order to boost up development scale in India, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will unveil a complete action plan for “Start-Up India, Stand Up India” on 16th January 2016. He has also discussed about this plan in the 15th Edition of MANN KI BAAT radio programme on 27th December 2015. Earlier, in his Independence Day Speech, he had announced a new campaign to promote bank financing for start-ups and also offer them appreciable incentives to boost entrepreneurship and job facility in the nation.

He said that we all have developed a common thought about start up in our mind that these action plans are only concerned to Digital World or IT Profession.  But in actual, we have to think about our nation’s requirement first and on the basis of that, we have to plan for start-up in every field which is concerned to the development of our nation. The solar energy panels are the major initiatives taken in the field of development and that have provided electricity to many villages in the different cities of the nation. Moreover, it is not only confined to household use only as many small and large scale industries have been utilizing energy provided by solar plants in various production and manufacturing processes.

As India is one among the five largest business start-up communities in the world and this platform has created 80,000 jobs so far, according to the National Association of Software and Services Companies. PM Modi also mentioned that our country can be a startup capital of the world and for this all reputed educational institutes like IITs, IIMs central universities and NITs will get connected with this Start-Up India, Stand Up India Programme. Shri Narendra directly emphasized on the hidden talent of our young generation and for them, he is involving his true efforts to provide opportunities for the bright future. This programme will connect youth in all cities of the nation and it will reach every corner to avail the services and facilities to develop career opportunities. For provide more information about this programme, Mr. Modi will also host a youth conference on 8th January 2015.

He said, “We must ensure that Start-ups reach every corner of India instead of being confined to few cities.”

Moreover, Mr. Modi has also announced a stack of measures to provoke start-ups that will include setting up an India Aspiration Fund and an Atal Innovation Mission. To support business start-up plans, different processes like setting up incubation centres and easy approval procedure have been initiated. Along with this, the centre may come up with tax breaks and the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has been given the mandate to execute the Start-Up India, Stand Up India Programme. This action plan will not only consider the technical platforms but also provide a wide scope for the manufacturing industries. In this way, it will create great job prospects for the young generation. To avail for more information about this programme, people can also connect with PM Narendra Modi via mobile application.

Shri Narendra Modi want maximum contribution of young generation and he also want to implement their ideas in the development of nation. He believe that our efforts can help our youth achieve their full potential, help youngsters to achieve their dreams. For that, he has asked them to share their creative ideas for the National Youth Festival 2016 and to involve in the nation building process.

He Stated, “I invite all of you to suggest how the youth can be involved in the process of nation building. Share your ideas for the National Youth Festival 2016,”

National Youth Festival has is being celebrated since 1995 and this coming year, it is being celebrated on 12th January 2016 on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda at Raipur Chhattisgarh. The theme for this festival will be “Indian Youth for Development, Skill and Harmony.” In this program, neat about 10,000 youth from different states and UT’s will participate to share their views and ideas with Mr. Modi.

He said, “Young friends, what are your ideas for the 2016 National Youth Festival? Share your ideas with me on the Mobile App.”

PM’s Vision: Shri Narendra Modi is a firm believer in the power of young generation and he is confident about their strength and dedication which will take the nation to the new heights of success in coming years. In order to give wings to the youth aspirations, the Indian government has started various programs and with this application, PM want to involve the youth in decision making and sought their wise ideas.

Contributor: Sunpreet Kaur