Smriti Irani – Narendra Modi’s great talent to select the best talent

Right from the day, Narendra Modi changed the face of Gujarat, there has been a question, that’s how he is able to perform in such way. It’s been years of independence and no minister of India has performed, worked or shown proper interest in public welfare, except very few. But working style of Narendra Modi has attracted the eyes of people around the world that how he is working. The first thing is his dedication towards his work, clear power of management, right intentions, and selection of the right people.

It is now known to all that he has an expert team of people, who are working day and night to bring the change. Same team was with him in Gujarat. The people, who he finds really talented, but with a spirit to serve the nation are picked by him as his own team.

Apart from the people, working behind the scenes, he has selected people, who have a fire to bring change in the nation. Corruption and politics go hand in hand in India. But with Narendra Modi things are totally different. In Gujarat, the idiom, “khato nathi ane khava deto nathi” was famous for him. This means neither he accepts any bribe nor he lets anyone bribe anyone.

Now when he is center of Indian politics, we regularly witness his virtue of leading and at the same time fighting against the corrupted system. He has raised some strong pillars in his ministry, who have same working spirit like he does have.

Dr. Harshvardhan, Arun Jaitley, Shushma Swaraj and many more are known and apt names from his ministry. Smriti Irani as his HRD minister has always raised a question among the opposition. The opposition has left no stone unturned to show her selection was the wrong selection.

But a single day in parliament has changed perceptions of an entire nation towards the functioning of HRD ministry and other ministries of Narendra Modi government. Smriti Irani’s speech in parliament became the talk of the nation. For more than a week, she and her speech kept on trending on Social Media.

Her speech of 59 minutes made people speak out “ya devi sarva bhutesu, Shakti rupen sansthita, namastasyai, namastasyai, namo namah”

When a woman comes to show her power, entire parliament was silent. She clearly shut the mouths of people, who were questioning her abilities.

Though it is far away from ideology on our blog to get into controversial topics, we would just like to say that digging out to the root cause of problems is the best way of working style of Narendra Modi government.

Even if we just take an example from her speech, we should feel proud that the ministry has taken pains to find out hate remarks in the study material. The big plus point is Narendra Modi government is trying to eliminate political study material and not including their own chapters.

Narendra Modi has always idealized Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a good person at heart, a poet at heart and a very respectable politician. Smriti Irani has also not forgotten to mention him in her speech. His poem for the nation will make any nation lover think once again about the political situation and the way Narendra Modi is working to take it ahead.

Atal ji ne kaha tha… Bharat koi bhoomi ka tukda nahi hai.. jeeta jaagta rashtra purush hai… Hum jiyenge toh is…

Posted by TIMES NOW on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

“Bharat koi bhoomi ka tukda nahi hai, jeeta jaagta rashtrapurush hai.”

“Yeh vandan ki dharti hai, abhinandan ki dharti hai….Yeh arpan ki bhoomi hai, darpan ki bhoomi hai.”

“Yahaan ki nadi nadi hamaare liye Ganga hai, iska kankar kankar hamaare liye Shankar hai.”

“Hum jiyenge to iss Bharat ke liye, marenge to iss Bharat ke liye.” 

“Aur marne ke baad bhi, Ganga jal mein behti huee humaare asthiyon ko koi sunega, to ek hi awaz aayegi – Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

Every minister of Narendra Modi government is repeatedly proving their working abilities. Smriti Irani has done that. Recent budget has cleared the many times, questioned question that what is the Narendra Modi government doing for farmers? Shushma Swaraj is continually working and acting even in small cases. Her active presence on Twitter and immediate actions have already won praise. Health missions and plans launched by Dr. Harshvardhan and Narendra Modi has gradually started showing results in the form of Ayush and acceptance of Ayurveda and Homeopathy. The Even Railway Ministry has become active.

This is the change and this is what India wanted. By the time, 5 years will be over, the whole nation will witness a change.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh