Setu Bharatam Project:

On March 4, 2016 Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi has been evident of a great leap in the sector of infrastructural development for India, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an ambitious project “Setu Bharatam

Rs. 50,800Crore “Setu Bharatam” project is a program for bridge building to ensure seamless travel on National Highways.

This projects aims to make all national highways Railway Level Crossing free by 2019.

On the occasion of unveiling the project, Prime Minister said, “We have taken a comprehensive and integrated approach. The earlier governments had adopted an incremental approach. Our effort is to go for a quantum jump.” 

Prime Minister added, “Our endeavor is for a quantum jump (in infrastructure), for a breakthrough, for fast-tracking projects and increasing pace of growth. Infrastructure plays the same role for the nation as arteries play in a human body and thus, making it sound is quintessential.”

The project is aiming to construct total of 208 Railway Over Bridges (ROB’s) and Railway Under Bridges (RUB’s) replacing railway crossings to ensure seamless connectivity and road safety across 19 states. For ROB’s and RUB’s government has allocated Rs. 20,800Crore.

Whereas 1500 dilapidated, British-era bridges will be reconstructed by replacement, widening or strengthening which will cost Rs. 30,000Crore.

Prime Minister said for first time mapping of all the bridges in country have been carried out, The Indian Bridge Management System has been introduced to map and study 1, 50,000 bridges in country.

This project will going to save many lives and to make seamless connectivity on railway crossing which was major loophole in infrastructural system so far. It will ensure secured and seamless connectivity at railway crossings.

On its initiation, detailed project reports of 73 ROB’s have been received and out of these 64 ROB’s are expected to be sanctioned in this financial year which estimates cost of Rs. 5600Crore, revealed by Union Minister For Road Transport, Highways And Shipping Mr. Nitin Gadkari.

PM Modi always looked India’s future in development and it’s his continuous effort to make remarkable changes and reforms.

He showed his concern about the lethargic speed of previous work, not alleging to previous government but it is system’s failure.

This government is focusing on mapping and gradations of bridges on the basis of their age, length/width, material and address based on longitude/ latitude.

He also explained how encroachment had highly disturbed highways while widening them to four lanes and six lanes. Government never bothered about this deformation.

Modi suggested as new acquired land for roads will have a space in between the roads so when expansion will be needed, encroachment would not be an obstacle for that.

Comprehensive development is a mantra for growth as per Modi.

Government’s reform commitment is as strong as they have not launched a project on papers with no deadlines. The deadline for the project is 2019 which will excel the speed of infrastructural advancement.

Narendra Modi urged for need of not only Highways but I-ways (Information ways) which can go hand in hand. Government is trying to upright Digital Optical Fiber Network.

PM also talked about the Agriculture Infrastructure, how irrigation infrastructure can strengthen agriculture sector.

He said infrastructure plays a vital role for nations building. A Nation’s progress is based on Infrastructure, Road network, Rail network, Optical Fiber Network, Grid Network, Electricity Generation, Electricity Supply and Water connectivity and Modi government is all set to bring enormous transformation within the country.

Setu Bharatam” will be milestone for infrastructural roar of country.

Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi