Narendra Modi has used this title in his address to Indians across the US and Canada through video conferencing. This address was on March 10, 2013, on the day of Shivaratri, when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat.  

Just an overwhelming fact that one day he was denied a visa of US, though he was very popular in the major Indian community there. The popularity was such that he has to address the people there with video conferencing.  

After winning the election in 2014, Prime Minister of India, who showed his immense popularity in the world’s largest democracy, US invited him to visit US!!.  He showed Eshah Panthah .. That this is the only path, and that is the development. His path took him to approval from US.  

The way he uses the terms mentioned in the Vedas and Upnishads, it is making it very clear that he has studied them and have dissolved some of the very nice things in his being.  


Day in, day out, I get a chance to  

See and know a good number of people.  

Still, I have a deep desire to catch hold of the human soul 

How many people are such? 

How many other hearts have such desire like me? 

I don’t understand, what a human is searching for? 

Isn’t it something like a human has got involved in searching his own image? 

Sometimes, he needs certain things to fulfill his needs. 

Same way, other humans are also needed as a measure of fulfilling the needs. 

When I look around in all directions, 

The painful sound of my heart  

Gives me same indication 

That a human needs it, and that is the reason he searches for it 

He searches and then tends to achieve it 

On one hand he finds satisfaction in achieving one thing 

And then he tends to achieve more 

He tends to set himself on fire to achieve the things 

This wheel of desires keeps on rotating 

And what a tender name is given to all these 

Acts and activities, RELATIONS 

Sometimes personal,  

Sometimes, my very own man 

Sometimes friends or sometimes lover 

Without any expectation of achieving something 

Simple, easy and without any selfishness 

With total purity and clarity 

Can’t a human achieve another human? 


Here, pain of a pure hearted person is reflected by the pen of Narendra Modi. It is not only what he has observed in 1986, but many people would be feeling the same pain, seeing the condition of humanity. But what all of us? Just accept the fact and keep on moving in life. This is the fact of life.  

He discusses with Maa that every day, he gets to meet many people, know them, but he is feeling a kind of pain seeing the reality of humanity. He wishes to get true love from people and the questions that are coming up are, are there any other people on earth, who just wishes the same? 

He again questions about what humans are actually doing? They keep on working. They are working to achieve something. Even before he gets satisfied with one achievement, he starts thinking of another thing. It was the necessity for which humans have to work, but now that necessity has taken a different form. He keeps on thriving fighting and ultimately he forgets himself.  

Even the name Relations given to relations of a human are just to satisfy one’s own needs. Sometimes, we call a person as a lover to satisfy the need of love, sometimes, we call a person a friend, to have someone to be present, whenever required and sometimes, we need a husband, wife or any other relationships for various other requirements of life. Actually, this is the real truth about human relations.  

Narendra Modi as a poetic person has raised questions that why a human needs all these covers to love someone. Why can’t a human love another human just for the sake of love and no return expectations? 

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh