In the last write up, we saw his expressions on newly invented technology to expression of dedication towards the nation. We are observing the changes in his life in 1986. Where somewhere he was waiting for some changes in life, somewhere he is discussing about the telephone and now not complaining about his mental state, but discussing about the hard work he was doing in Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh.

Hey mother, how wonderful your benevolence is!

See, it’s been four days having eaten anything or have had some sleep

It is because of some circumstances and

Somewhere it is because of some decisions

Even though there is nothing like fatigue

And yesterday night was totally passed without sleep

Still, I am experiencing happiness

It is really true, is it all possible without your benevolence?

Yesterday throughout the night groups of volunteers kept on pouring in

Today the Vetch started in the holy presence of rising Sun

Complete atmosphere was wonderfully filled with enthusiasm

Such scenario of vetch was very much new for many

There is an appreciation for it too

Mother, sometimes I feel that the words don’t become true

At least bless me with this

See, this time also the same thing happened

My estimation related to count of arriving volunteers was different than others

Though we did lots of preparation

But what I said became true

The count of volunteers was only nine hundred

Anyways, just because of your benevolence

I am happy that my sixth sense is working well

But not getting the expected result is making me unhappy.


From poems, he is leading us to discussions. Just like some small kid, he is used to discussing everything with maa Jagdamba. He was all alone without a family member, mother or wife, with whom he can discuss his day to day feelings, through what he has passed through in a day. Any person would need someone to talk. If the person is sensitive definitely there should be someone with that person to be a support. In case of Narendra Modi, he was not like other people, who can lead a family life, where he has to think only about his own family. From the very beginning, he had a flame in his heart to do something for people of his nation. He wished to improve lives of people. This maybe a reason to move out of home and marriage as it can be mainly concentrated first for family and then others. So he made it a point to discuss with the one, whom he worshipped. He used to address her as Jagat Janani Maa means the mother who has given birth to entire Universe. Discussing with Maa Jagdamba like a child has today led him to getting answers to all his questions.

Asim AtmaVishwas is a simple write up, where he is discussing that with a motive to serve in RSS for welfare of people, he has not felt need of food or sleep. Still he is feeling very happy to address needs of other volunteers. Though he had an estimation that count of volunteers won’t be more than nine hundred, which was less for their mission. He was not happy with this, but like a positive person, he found a point to be happy. He was happy that his estimation was right. Other volunteers with him were considering big number of volunteers arriving, but his estimation of nine hundred proved to be right. So he thanked God for giving him strong sixth sense. With this sixth sense he was able to make out many things happening around him.

He has mentioned this write up as Asim Atmavishwas — endless self confidence. It may be because of his trust in bringing the change. He had a mission and had that trust in it so he was positively discussing everything with his mother (mother of the Universe, Maa Jagdamba).

We will peep through in life of Narendra Modi, in further chapters, when he was working as a RSS volunteer.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh