From the RSS camp to new creations and support of life, now thinking process of Narendra Modi has taken a turn to analyze the Time. What is time? How it affects human life? Just like a poet thinks, what exactly can happen in time or out of time is very well thought and explained here.  

When we read the title, it becomes difficult to understand, what it means, but on reading it, it is clear that he is talking about the time. A time, which has freezed, some moments that are engraved in his mind, some moments that are happy, some that are painful, and a steep fall of such distinguished memory from the mind of a poet. So we have given an elaborated explanation of the title.  

Sometimes, time move on very swiftly 

Sometimes, time stabilizes on heart just like a hard stone 

Just like a heavy weight 

How come I know that time also has a spear in it 

It keeps on piercing with pain 

Spear of time, tears out the heart  

But sometimes, how come it just moves on very swiftly  

Just like a sweet fragrance 

No touch sense, no fragrance, 

It leaves no trace of any senses of call of human behind 

Anyways, time is shapeless 

Even though humans have tried to give it a shape of a watch 

Any how humans have tried to diversify the circle of time  

In many small circles engaged in each other 

But calmness of time, 

Silence of time, speed of time 

Somewhere they leave their imprint 

Maybe the way of its presentation is different 

But for some a particular moment can become a lifetime imprint in the mind 

When a moment of time, slips from the time and  

Stays in the oyster just like a pearl and  

Get treasured inside it for a lifetime 

Many a times, the condition of a human heart is like this 


From the write up, it seems that Narendra Modi was waiting for some change to happen or something to happen in his life. Because of this wait, he has started analyzing the time.  

He identifies the time as shapeless. A poetic heart, then thinks that how humans have tried to tie the time in the form of shape with the help of creating watches. Kaal chakra is the word used to present tenses or to explain the way time changes and generation changes. Chakra means wheel, so he tries to relate it to the many small wheels in the machine of a watch, who are ticking to make hours, minutes and second pointer move.  

There are some moments in human life, which are so painful that even though that moment is over, but its memory keeps on giving pain. It can be the moments of regret. In terms of Narendra Modi, we can say these can be the moments when he was not able to act or perform something, which he was willing to.  

He has also mentioned that some moments are such that they pass like a sweet fragrance. Even if we wish to hold the fragrance, we can’t. Same way, we are not able to hold the time.  

Out of all these, one of the most beautiful metaphor that he has used for an imprint in the mind and heart of time is the pearl drop that is treasured in the oyster, which has accidentally slipped inside and treasured for a lifetime.  

Maybe, here he is trying to describe some beautiful moment of his life, which he was not able to hold, but it has left his imprint on his mind and heart for the life.  

Though here, a poetic heart has related an unforgettable moment in time and then diverting it a pearl.  

Contributor: Twinkle Parekh