From Navjivan ni Prerna to Navsarjan no Aadhar. It is this phase of his life from where he picked up his political career. A phase of life from where an observer, a poetic person at heart is completely changing his life. He is being brought to an arena where politics is the base. As everyone knows that politics is full of dirt, games and many negative and positive aspects, which difficult for a poetic heart to handle. These poems are clear reflections of his thought processes, where he is trying to build himself and make himself stronger to handle all.

The way the nest of birds get devastated

Same way everything here is devastated

The place which was just like a place to perform penance

Millions of hearts were getting together to perform the meditation

What a holy atmosphere that was built

Today, it is like everything has been washed out, I feel so

Maa, if I have got such vessel

Then I would have collected such happiness in my fist and collected it in that vessel

I would have treasured it, what a happiness it was here!

Anyways, it is one of the parts of importance of human life

Somewhere it is too much of happiness and somewhere there is too much of a pain

Now I have to get accustomed to all these

I am passing through so many contrasting conditions, these days

I have lived this life in many changing circumstances

Sometimes its enthusiasm, sometimes its lament, sometimes its longing

Sometimes its departure, sometimes its discussion, sometimes its arguments

Sometimes its hope, sometimes there is no hope

Don’t know about the severity of the feelings

But every time they are intense in both of its kind

Perhaps this devastated form of personality

is also a part of the new creation?

How can I believe so?

Perhaps the struggle of the subconscious is responsible for setting the direction of life

And perhaps the time taken to build this building

Will decide upon the strength of the building

Maa, today there was the discussion

But did not speak anything

I was alone, though there were many

I only participated in the discussion of drought in Gujarat

Though as per me, I could not find that

the discussion was very sharp

In my presentation, even I could not witness

Anything like

Pain, mercy, solid intention to fight against the circumstances, enthusiasm.

In my heart, I have so much of pain for my brotherhood around, but still how

I was not able to express anything?

Is it true that when a human starts thinking about himself

At that very moment, his external life starts getting contracted?

Maa, I don’t want to lose my nature of equal courteous feelings towards all

With your blessings



Here he is showing his pain of devastation of camp after its completion. He is feeling a kind of internal pain that till yesterday, everything was like a working factory, with an intention, but now there is nothing.

Just like a poetic heart, he starts linking the devastated camp with life of a human. He talks about his manobhav (state of mind), where he is experiencing all the feelings on both the ends. He asks for an answer that such condition is responsible for creating a new personality?


Finally, in the end he gives a slight idea of the discussion in the camp. He could not express his feelings during the camp. He felt all alone in the discussion and could not participate in speaking anything. Even during the discussion of drought, he could speak, but without any expression of emotions. This is what he feels for his speech. He has expressed his deep concern over the pain of the fellows, whom he was going to serve, but in his speech, he could not reflect anything.

He felt that maybe it is because he started thinking about himself so he was not able to concentrate on the cause. Then he asks for the blessings that he can see everyone with same mercy and same feelings forever with blessings of Maa Durga. This is like real quality of a real leader, who has to treat all his subjects with same method.

Twinkle Parekh

Contributor: Twinkle Parekh