From last 2 topics, we are witnessing Narendra Modi’s feelings while working with RSS. He has expressed his hope, enthusiasm and dedication for work and welfare of the nation. Even we were able to know how he was devoted to public work and serving and how much he revered Bala Saheb Deoras. In Nav Jivan Ni Prerna, we shall be able to explore something more on the days in the RSS camp.

Today is the last day of the Shibir

Till yesterday, whatever hustle bustle was there,

Or the things were expected, the management of the Shibir,

Today the management is for demolishing the management and arrangements of the Shibir

This short lived arrangement is like

Symbol of human life

It is the same in this world

But who does not know that this world is actually without any essence (apart from any connections – a person comes alone in the world and goes alone from here)?

But why a human can’t get separated from these feelings?

Everything is without any meaning?

This lamenting, this sadness, this happiness

This satisfaction, these tendencies, these wishes

These desires – all are just time being

Perhaps it can bring immediate happiness of getting satisfied

Perhaps it can be a mental adjustment

Perhaps it can be a pleasure of defeating others

But even this satisfaction is time being

Anyways, happiness of achieving something in this world is just short lived

But mother, including me, everyone wishes to achieve

Why so? In reality, in the heart of a human

When there is a huge impression of culture (knowledge related to life)

Then why this short lived tendency take the form of hurricane to achieve something

It is this hurricane only, which uproots a man from his origins and throws him

Too far from his existence

Hey mother, just like a normal human,

I can also become victim to such limitations, it is natural.

Long lived wishes, long lived satisfaction

Long lived desires

Isn’t there any way to initiate such long lived tendencies?

Perhaps long lived wishes can only long lived satisfaction –

  • Searching of a path that can guide to the life path, life purpose –
  • This is the biggest struggle of a human life

Today’s day will also be related to a specific context

From today, an atmosphere will be created for moving to the new area with a specific work.

Unfortunately, its beginning is also initiating with elections

Inner wishes of an introvert life are also now going to be washed away


He has felt the feeling of disconnection from worldly pleasures at quite a young age. Living in this world is all because of Maya (feeling of belonging, belonging to a person, belonging to belongings, belonging to the wealth), but when a person realizes that all these cannot bring a permanent happiness and a human is born to die, he starts feeling everything useless. This condition arrives in case a person has received too much in life, or in case if the person is too sensitive to handle worldly things or it can be because of witnessing immense pain and sufferings. Narendra Modi was experiencing last two cases in his life, which has led him to understand the real meaning of life.

He has also admitted his human limitations. He worries that someday, he will also become victim to the worldly desires that he has left back. Narendra Modi has talked about long lived wishes, desires and achievements. From this long lived means such desires that can satisfy a human eternally. If a person wishes to have a high end car, what after having it, he wishes for something else, then something else and ultimately the phase of enjoying happiness keeps on extending, but if find the real satisfaction of your soul, then the life can be satisfied and happy to live.

He is hopeful about the new work in the new area, but somewhere he has a dislike for the procedure of the election. We can find it in the next section about the completion of day 3 and completion of the camp and what is the result of the election?

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh