The poetic heart has moved out of the shibir and has taken a mile ahead to the nature’s world where a stream is moving. It is just like a lonely heart seeking answers to some questions sitting beside some silent stream. There are answers to many questions presently being raised against him. Perhaps he was getting some signals of the future or he was getting prepared for the future.

The fragrance of its liveliness

Is inspiring everyone for creation of new life

Hey mother, all this is the only truth

But now I am taking a step in the direction opposite to it

From a calm and serene state of mind

And I am now going to bow down in the chaotic world

But there is no dilemma in mind

Maa, I know that now I have to take this body

To the new stage of drama

I have to decorate this body as per the requirement of the new stage 

I have to mold my mind, body and soul as per the requirement of this new stage

Maa, all this will also happen with your blessings

Even there I have to keep on feeling the liveliness

But I have accepted an essence of life,

Which connects my mind, body and soul

With this essence of life

I will be able to talk with you from now onwards

I don’t have an importance of

How I will be projected in front of the world

The endless stream of my subconscious is always connected with you

There is no scope for any halt or any stop in it

Perhaps my faith in this will only keep me safe

In any kind of circumstances



This last phase of the poem is taking us on a journey of change of phase of Narendra Modi’s life. He has clearly distinguished himself as a person, who is more of connected with nature. A person who finds all these worldly affairs meaningless, but he now knows it well that he has to take a dip in this ocean to create a change. He wishes to continue a life of disconnection, but he is aware now that he has to bow down to the chaos and handle the situations of the all issues of the world.

It is like a call of his life purpose, which he has understood. If we ask him as a person, he would still feel like moving to the woods and living a life within the woods with the nature, but his inner call for inviting a change in the nation has given him this platform. The pain that he was feeling while seeing others in the pain, the dark sun and suffocating nights that he was discussing in his previous poems have now started getting answers. He has been given a path of his life.

I have to decorate this body as per the requirement of the new stage 

With this line, we have clearly indicated in one of our articles about his dressing. He is actually not affected by the kind of dressing or the way, he is being projected by the opposition party, but to raise the standard of India and Indians in front of the world, he is required to design himself. He is a person, who carried two pair of simple Kurta and pajama, which he used to wash himself and get ready into move to his work by 7 am.


The way that he mentioned the last paragraph, it makes it clear that for him the most benevolent or the most required thing is his connection with the supreme power. It was just his preparation time, where he has molded himself. From smaller stages at the start of his career to now a stage, where the world is watching him. RSS, Gujarat and India, where the whole world is watching him that how he will bring changes in India. It’s a big challenge, but destiny has its own plan, seeing the transition of a person, who has now taken the responsibility to change India.

Twinkle Parekh


 Contributor: Twinkle Parekh