From the camp of RSS, Narendra Modi is lost in his world of observation and imagination. He is trying to understand human life in the context of introvert and extrovert life. He discusses the depth of an introvert life by comparing it with a water stream. Somewhere he is trying to justify why he is happy with his introvert life. Let us go through it.

Narendra modi introvert personality

I have enjoyed the life of being an introvert

There is a contentment of satisfaction of its kind

Extrovert life can be perhaps more impressive

But it can’t be inspirational

Extrovert life should be centered in the aura of a strong personality

Whereas an introvert life is the publishing of the inner self of a person

There is no chaos in an introvert life

There is only an experience of serenity

A silent stream always keeps on flowing through it

Though this stream does not have the capacity to turn the land to fully watered or fully fruited

But this serene stream has a capacity to turn a barren land to lively place

It has an incomparable happiness

A stream creates a satiating and good reasoning in which

There is melody of music and that is the reason a human wishes for a stream

It has such low flow

It does not have such divine music, no ringing sounds, nor does it have vastness like a lake

It does not huge waves like an ocean, it doesn’t have the pace like a river

Even though the stream is so self-satiating

Such small strength of a stream can capture so many and so much with its beauty

Yes, this is all because of the introvert nature

This is the reason its effective area,

The intensity of the affected area, all is so low

Even though it is capable to effect so much

It is because of the selfless flow of the endless stream

My continuous stream of my subconscious is connected to you, mother, with an endless connection

There is no possibility of any halt or any stop in it


He is so sensitive or so he loves to observe things so minutely that he discusses the pros and cons of being an introvert or extrovert. A sensitive heart, which once set to thinking travels around the world, thinks, endless and move unhesitatingly is the best example of the mind set of Narendra Modi.

Nowhere, there is a discussion of ending of the third day of camp of RSS. Though he began with the discussion of the third day, wrapping up work and the end of a project, starting of new project, but his mind started wondering between internal and external senses of a human life. He started comparing it with the flow of the stream. A true poetic heart using the best of comparison entities and the best expression of words.

Somewhere it makes us feel that a person, who gets so much affected by the negativity of life that he starts finding an escape with Maa Jagdambe or is it that he has totally bowed down to her existence. He is thinking repeatedly and talking to her about his internal feeling and his trust is there, in her. In this way, he is just like a child, who keeps on showing his mother, how much he put his trust in her and believes her that she will not let her fall.

After this section, we will move towards the end of this discussion and end of the third day camp.

Twinkle Parekh

Contributor: Twinkle Parekh