Ok, so this one is what the world won’t be able to relate with Narendra Modi as of today. In this Sakshibhaav poem Narendra Modi is talking about technology. It is that moment, when the telephone was introduced in India. Just like a real observer, he has observed how the telephone is working? What impact it is creating? During the election of 2014, he has stirred the nation with the use of technology, but the day when the initial phase of technology was introduced in India, the poetic heart inside him raised many questions.

How length and breadth of this world is getting reduced

Man-made instruments has created an artificial nearness

Things those are happening thousands of miles away

Can be seen just in front of you

And this distant sound sounds so dear

This small instrument can make us feel so near

But this instrument has a limitation

Nearness can be made possible with the instruments

It can create a hallucination of nearness

But can they create an environment of togetherness

Can it identify the real togetherness?

Or can it become a medium to maintain the togetherness?

The Postal system is getting outdated now

Feelings reflected in the words in the letter

Has now no scope of being reflected

And the biggest fact of today

Letters have been a medium to prove the

Correctness of the history

Whereas today in every little matter telephone

Has taken the place

Anyways, the telephone has become a medium to

Bring life in life

Even in a huge mob, when someone calls out “ai”

Then a human will definitely look back

Because there is always “me” existence in a human

His ears are eager to listen

That someone near to him is calling him in such huge crowd too

This thing can also bring happiness

It can bring a kind of satisfaction

But what if that voice is not for him

It is very natural that lines on the face changes immediately

And if that voice is for you

Then a hope of happiness passes through the entire existence

But does the voice on the telephone has the same strength to stir up the subconscious of a person

Is it just a feeling less exchange of information?

Or is there anything more to it?

Anyways, the voice and the words together create a thought

But they are not that equipped to equally communicate the emotions of hearts.


This is an interesting answer to the whole world, who has acclaimed Narendra Modi as the most technology friendly PM. A PM who makes the most efficient use of the technology. But a poet, who loves to express his thoughts through words has many questions about this new invention. He as an observer has very well put forth his point of treasuring the history and getting proofs of history in the form of the letters sent during those days and how telephone can be the proof of present time (1986). Narendra Modi as a poet has explained every aspect of telephone and personal talk. He has raised questions on how a telephone will communicate the feelings and how a person can identify himself or is telephone so equipped to communicate feelings of a person.

Seeing today’s scenario, we can see that the world has changed. People spend hours on the telephone. Even Narendra Modi has accepted the use of telephone, mobile and all the latest technology far ahead, then time, along with huge responsibilities. But that poetic heart must be always wishing to write a letter to express his words. No wonder he is still finding time to drop his thoughts with pen on paper. His love for technology is known across the world, but he was also skeptical about the use of technology, when it comes to expression of feelings. Technology has advanced a lot and so has Narendra Modi. This is what is called as accepting the change and walking with the trends.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh