After illustrating the instances of wait with three illustrations Narendra Modi is further expressing his thoughts on overall life of a human and how a human keeps on waiting in hope of achieving something. Sometimes it turns out to be a good wait, sometimes it turns out to be painful. Many a times, wait imprints a bitter experience of life. Let us read it in words of Narendra Modi himself, Sakshibhaav in English

But moments of wait are

A strong expression of emotions of any human

This is the only thermometer to measure the strength of emotions

It exemplifies the high and lows of life

This emotion of feelings becomes an ocean

And start oscillating the whirls of feelings

The high and low rises at a time just like dance of Shiva

The waiting person can feel the living world around him

With all his existence

Sometimes the wait burns him

Sometimes it makes him uneasy

Have you ever sat in the cool breeze of a fully blooming tree?

Have you ever experienced the heat of burning desires even after sitting in cool breeze?

Every inch of a tree is involved in your pain

In an effort to show compassion towards you

All its branches will try to lower down to you

Emotions of your wait also effects and makes the tree uneasy

And the moment when the wait is over

Meeting the person after the long wait

Try to see the nature around you

Putting yourself somewhat away from yourself.

You will witness flowers dancing

Leaves singing

And branches swinging with joy

But for witnessing all these

You would need a strength in your waiting efforts

Making an effort to view all this is useless

It is a natural process

It is an evidence of untiring travel

That is the reason waiting is much more painful

Then forever parting from someone

Hey mother, I like to live in the emotional world of

Feelings and emotions

In the verge of struggle of expanding myself

Such feelings are not being suppresses, just wish to ensure

Or is it that the intensity of such feelings increases with me

Hey mother, if the supply of emotions and feelings is limited

As gifted by God

Where and how would I be able to distribute them all?

How many of my dear ones would be able to feel my emotions of all my feelings for them?


A real poetic Narendra Modi is seen in the stanza here. He is expressed his feelings of waiting with trees, leaves and flowers. He has expressed his belief in life in the universe and the whole universe flows as an energy. He has discussed that the moment the wait is over, you should see that the world around is also equally happy just like dancing flowers and singing trees. It is very good illustration just like a happy man can make many other people associated in his life happy. A person who can detach himself from the happiness of achievement and have an eye on the things happening around himself can notice that creation of universe are also happy with him.

The ups and downs in life faced with a hope in eyes of a person are illustrated in form of oceanic waves and trees. Narendra Modi then diverts the discussion towards his own feelings. He is afraid that the emotional Narendra Modi will not fade away in struggle of achieving things in life. He wishes to distribute all his feelings among his near and dear ones. We will see in the next stanzas, what his actual feelings are and how he is relating things to his near ones.

While going through sakshibhaav, I truly feel that only a poetic heart can understand human emotions with such indepth. He has not only understood the emotions, but explained them in his poetic imaginative way. Sometimes it leads me to think that why he dint write things directly and jotted down poems with such beautiful illustrations to discuss with Maa Jagdamba?

But when a person is synced with rhythm of nature his words start flowing with pen and emotions get deepened with compassion. Such was the case with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh