Sakshibhaav : Mata Ni Murti Poem is very long expression of hopes, a light of fulfilling desires and then a sudden swipe to demolish all the dreams. Any person would totally break down in such circumstances. Narendra Modi opted to seek intervention of the divine power then to break down. Just like a Karma Yogi, he kept on doing his work and discussing his problems with his divine powers.

If fields are Dry and dull

If Soil is burnt with heat

In this situation, if the clouds start gathering In the sky

How many would start developing hopes

People would start dreaming with new, big and small dreams

But what if these clouds get shattered with a huge blow of wind

Oh, what difficult moment it would be?

A moment when a kid leaves from school for home

And a mother waiting for her kid to arrive

What an incomparable wait it is

Feet of mother keeps on bouncing between the home and verandah

After looking at every corner

A mother is not even able to visualize the crowded street

Her eyes keeps on looking only for her kid

Her ears are eager to hear “mother” from her kid

Do you know the eagerness to hear this?

Yes, this is the moment for eager ear

And what if the wait elongates by some seconds

Even the most silent moments become uneasy

Fast heartbeats of a mother can shake walls too

Her legs keep on moving

Her eyes become still with many possibilities

Wait and pain becomes the same

Yes, this is the intensity of waiting

Every human has same intensity of waiting

Maybe there is mild change in the intensity

Perhaps the expression is different

Maybe just like a newlywed bride, the pain of waiting is inexplicable


A pain of wait is very well expressed in the first part of this poem. Narendra Modi is a real poet heart with great observation. He has linked a wait of a mother for her kid. When a mother knows that her kid reaches home by particular time, she starts waiting for him. But if the wait becomes slightly elongated, she becomes so much worried for her kid. Her waiting turns out to be an anxious moment of pain, long thoughts of something unwanted happening. A mother always wishes to hear her kid’s voice after some interval of time. Narendra Modi has understood the pain of a mother, who is waiting for her kid.

Same are the feelings of a newly wedded bride, who is waiting for her groom after marriage. A girl who is just married eagerly waits for her groom to spend some time together after passing through huge rituals, gatherings and ceremonies and meetings. This waiting moments for a bride is like passing of an era.

He has also illustrated farmers waiting for rain after hot summer or drought, when the earth is burnt. The moment of hope building with the clouds and then the hopes shattering with a blow of wind.

Narendra Modi has illustrated these three forms of waiting in his poem. He has very well picked up the illustrations of normal life and put them in his words to best explain what waiting is and what can be the after effects of an elongated wait period. How terrible it is to wait? Even when a person is willing to achieve certain goals, he keeps on waiting and then sometimes losing the patience.

Narendra Modi might have some wish in his mind for which he is waiting to be fulfilled. To explain his desires and hopes to the divine, he has taken the illustration of farmers, mother and newly wedded bride.

We can further find out his poetic expression of the emotions in the sections ahead. Poetic expression of Narendra Modi once again proves that India and life in India is based on emotions. A PM who can understand emotions of the people can only work in getting better life for his people.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh