After seeing the first day camp of RSS, we are now exploring Hriday Mandir Ma. We shall be in depth of the vetches of RSS that were held in 1986 as well as the dedication among the workers of the organization in the words of Narendra Modi to serve the nation. He has discussed his feelings and his wable to know the ay of seeing an entire scenario.

Jagat Janani Maa Jagdamba Na Shree Charno Ma Pranam
Today is the second day of the Vetch
One after other programs are lining after each other
For handling the whole schedule and program, organizational workers stay on their feet
There is a typical enthusiasm that can be seen in the atmosphere.
Right from the morning there is longing in the eyes of all
They are going to find happiness in getting an opportunity to spend time of two days with their very own revered person
Today, his holiness main head of the Sangh is coming
There is no formal ritual of welcome
He too came with all other big and small organization workers just like all others
Yes, there is a lot of preparation to welcome him in the temple hearts of all volunteers
Volunteers are continuously keeping an eye on each of his activities
With each of his words, volunteers are ready to connect their lives with
And this feeling is there in the hearts of all present here
For me it is a special experience of my life
After receiving the new responsibility,
I am first time meeting his holiness Balasaheb
The moment he came to the vetch his first question was
“Why brother, how is the new household life going?”
It was like a big surprise for me
There were so many things lined up
Still, he inquired about me
What does this indicate?
Now that the first day of the shibir is over, he has described his experience of the second day. He has mentioned the enthusiasm of the workers to meet Balasaheb. He repeatedly describes him as His holiness as he was very much influenced by the deeds of Balasaheb.

Balasaheb here mentioned is Balasaheb Devras. His real name was Madhukar Dattatraya Deoras, who was the third leader of the RSS. He was the one who worked against the untouchability and instructed the Sangh workers to eradicate it. He gave the term Hindu, not to a particular religion, but the people, who wishes to work for the nation and see it as one equal. Narendra Modi has so far carried on this principle of not sticking to his own religion in serving others, but following a simple rule of the welfare of the nation.

Madhukar Dattatraya Deoras

Madhukar Dattatraya Deoras

Balasaheb has given him some responsibility, after which he is meeting him for the first time. At this moment, he asked him about his domestic life. It was a good pun as Narendra Modi was never interested in family life and was very much engraved in RSS work.

He has asked Maa Jagdamba that among so many workers, why he has asked me and noted me? Does this indicate anything? It is very clear that his dedication was speaking over the top. He took away attention of all with his work.

Those who were working in Sangh have noticed his dedication to serve others and those who have understood his views towards the nation have respected him. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also a Sangh worker and he knew from the beginning. At the time of selecting Gujarat CM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee suggested his name and called him to accept the position of CM of Gujarat. During those days, Narendra Modi was never a name known to the people of Gujarat. But once he became CM, the rest became history. After his first term, every election became notable with his great victories.
Such is the power of honesty in the work that you do. Such is the power of dedication of a person towards a purpose.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh