With this we moved to the last section of Hriday Mandir Ma. Though it is the tale of his interactions with Balasaheb Deoras, but for the people of today, it is like a mirror of today’s situation through Narendra Modi’s eyes. If we wish to understand his state of mind than going through this section is totally unavoidable.

As per my new responsibility, everything has calmed down

In the external scenario

Everyone’s questions and surprises are now moving towards an end

Now expectations will start

The power and prevalence of expectations will now start intensifying (doesn’t this line match today’s scenario. As if the history is repeating itself. During those days whatever caliber Narendra Modi was thinking about him, his questions and answers are just as per that time, but they are so very well resembling with today’s scenario. After becoming Prime Minister of India, expectations from him rose high like a sky rocket)

Making of my new life is also pending

Hey mother, I am ready to handle endless pain

Fifteen years of organizational work (devotion towards organization) have now got the chance

To get reflected here on an open platform

In other words, it is the test period of the cultural heritage of my mind and soul

Hey mother, because of your blessings, I will definitely pass out this test

The life that people used to see through the binocular and get appeased

That life is now going to be seen through the microscope.

Looking through a Binocular is just about seeing external beauty

There is a satisfaction in that only

When this life will be seen through the microscopic lense

Will it be able to succeed in it?

A wet lump of so many useless words in my vocabulary

High intensities of likes and dislikes

Everything will be seen on a larger scale

Hey mother, I am not worried to be tested on this tough test

I ask for your blessings only because there are lot many expectations from me

I don’t fail or get weakened in fulfilling the expectations

I need such devotion and strength to fulfill this

I stayed busy for the whole day today

Guidance of his holiness Balasaheb was inspirational

Many new volunteers have got the benefit of his glimpse for the first time

Today there is no personal work typically to be done

No letter, no answers to the letters

But the continuous busy schedule



The last section of Sakshibhaav poem Hriday Mandir Ma just shook me while writing. It is that exact scenario described when he became Prime Minister of India. It is like history repeating itself. I could not stop myself from writing in between the translation.

Maybe when he became PM of India, magnitude of thoughts, expectations and hopes multiplied, but he was able to keep his calm. Happiness was seen on his face as he has already passed through all these phases in the life and came out as a winner. For 30 years, he has taken responsibilities and with his immense devotion, he kept on fulfilling expectations and hopes.


Seeing the game of destiny, he started taking big responsibility from the platform of the state of Gujarat, though he was working on the national platform. And his political career also started through Gujarat. He won that responsibility of Gujarat Mission and he won the hearts of people after becoming CM of Gujarat.

During those days, he was afraid of getting seen through a microscope. We should not use word afraid but had a conflict in his mind. But he emerged out as a winning personality in past years. This book Sakshibhaav is like Sakshibhaav of history in making of Narendra Modi. If Narendra Modi will become a historical reforming PM for India in coming years then this book is definitely going to be searched out for to know about his details, manomanthan and jivan Sangarsh.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh