This is the second part of Hriday Mandir Ma. Perhaps he is trying to express his gratitude towards Balasaheb Deoras. The way it is titled, Hriday Mandir Maa, Balasaheb was his Guru and he placed his image in his heart. He has discussed his interactions with Balasaheb in this discussion.

Yes, after that light talks started

And many questions were asked

What is the report of police?

What do newspapers say?

Public addressing is done or not

Why not done, etc., etc.

Of all these questions, I can understand one thing

How much more expectations he has for me!

Hey mother, shall I be able to meet up to all these expectations?

In reality, the way this work is handed to me with the hope, expectations and trust

Shall I be able to complete it in the real sense?

Can I prepare myself for this mission after doing hard work?

On one side there is an endless trust in me

Many hopes are there

Today the vision is towards Gujarat

The People of the nation are also seeing towards the new experiment

At that time, shall I be able to become that medium to fulfill the desires of all?

Hey Maa, it is not possible to take a step without your blessings

Sometimes, even I start thinking about profit and loss for the time being

And sometimes, I get social too, what about that?

Is it the right and honest effort to reach the height of life?

Through every possible way, I attempt to develop my personality to the fullest

Is it my effort to understand the questions as per the social parameters?

And if not, then won’t it affect the future?

Hey mother, there should be a hurricane in the subconscious

But why it has still not started?


With this discussion with Maa Jagdamba, he has mentioned the working pattern of the Sangh. Narendra Modi was the one on whom Bala Saheb Deoras started showing trust. The trust that he showed in Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi got enthralled, but at the same time, there came the responsibilities and expectations. During those days, he considered these expectations as too big for him and questioned about his capacities to Maa Jagdamba.

He talks about the trust and hopes for him. There was some mission in Gujarat on which entire nation was looking forward to. Narendra Modi was made in charge of that mission. He mentions that though the mission is handed over to him, is he capable enough to handle that mission? He questions himself about the measures he takes to fulfill his missions or assigned tasks.

He discusses about the social parameters on which, he thinks a lot is good or not. He justifies his thoughts as his approach towards developing his personality. Enriching one’s personality with high thoughts is necessary by checking out on one’s own self.

Finally, he asks for the blessings of Jagdamba to proceed further in his assigned task. He still has a doubt that why his inner conscious is still not having that burning desire to start the work.

In the section, we shall be able to explore more of Narendra Modi in the year 1986 as an organization worker, who is thinking so much to serve the nation.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh