After seeing the immense pain of a poet, observing the worldly way of living. The way a human runs for life. The way a human burns himself to achieve something. That something is actually nothing. But he just keeps on running. In this run, he forgets himself and others behind him. He forgets the real value of being a human. A human starts using a human. This has become a real foundation of relations of today.  


A human exploits another human 

By raising a range of words 

And that is only and only  

For the fulfillment of own desire 

There is nothing more to it 

Everyone wishes to achieve  

And that is also the reason  

That some people cover themselves with the cover of dedication 

Hey mother, is it that a human mind can get abnormal up to this limit? 

Isn’t it possible to achieve a human, without any expectation, and 

With Simplicity, ease, unbiased, pure and clear heart? 

Is the path towards such expectation difficult? 

In any way, satisfaction of life, this is life – this is faith 

If this satisfaction is not able to connect a human and a mind of humanity  

Then where will it stop? 

Now a man is not ready to raise himself from selfishness, 

A man is not even ready to raise himself above the Maya created by self and lead a life 

Isn’t there any satisfaction to lead a life above the level of using other people? 

If this is the truth, then why a human finds a need to study religion in the latter half of his life? 

Isn’t it so that throughout the lifetime, keeping an intact identity of self, 

To create a world of own imagination, 

To bring to life the dream seen by self, 

A web created by using big words, 

Whatever efforts have been made 

To keep the “Me” intact,  

A person would have done so off of many kinds and things 

Even in the name of giving, he would not have done anything  

Apart from the desire to enjoy something 

That is the reason people search  

The measure to save themselves in the name of religion, 

In the latter half of their lives 

In just the same way a human has been a material,  

Is it that religion is also the same? 

Hey mother, I strive a lot to achieve a human  

In the real manner, the way he is 

Without any expectations 

Give the strength to gain a human by being like a human 

Where there is no give and take 

Where there is no illusion created with soft words 

Hey mother, I don’t wish to prove anything 

I wish to dedicate myself (offer self) 

This is my only path to achieve the real height of human life 

I can’t even imagine a human as a material ever. 



In Sakshibhaav poem Eshah Pantha,Narendra Modi has deeply analyzed human behavior. He has very well understood the needs, achievement, parameters and final outcomes of the human race. He says that a human raises an emotional surroundings around him for his own benefits. Relations today also are like this. Every relation is a way to achieve something.  

He considers all these as the actual abnormal behavior of humans. Yes, it is true. Because purpose of human life is totally different compared to the way, a human is running to achieve things. Even when a person shows that he is totally dedicated towards someone that is also the reason to achieve something for the self.  

He says that now humans are not ready to think beyond a certain level. They have themselves created a strong web of attachments and now they are not able to rise from it. They actually don’t wish to give up anything.  

He finally describes his desire to achieve a human heart without any expectation, without any selfish tendency, or without any malignity.  

So are the thoughts of Narendra Modi in 1986. Perhaps being Indian Prime Minister, he is rightly at the right place as per his thoughts. He wished to achieve love for nothing and the days the world will remember him as a face changer of India, Indians could not give him anything else except love.  

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh