So this is our last chance to take a dip in “Manojagat” soul of Narendra Modi. While coming to the end, there is a feeling that perhaps we can still get some more literature of the Indian Prime Minister so that we can actually witness the making of Narendra Modi.  

Sakshibhaav : Bhog Vruti Ni Purti – Satisfying the lustful desires part 2- English Translation

Here there is a wish for self-happiness 

But self-happiness is not in the form of 

Satisfying the lust for self 

But here there is a wish to sacrifice everything 

There is happiness in sacrificing 

There is happiness in loosing yourself 

Standing firm, even in the midst of destruction of everything, 

Tolerating for your own values, 

Is also a happiness 


And from such happiness does rise a satisfaction 

Otherwise overall desires get scattered 

The one who raises the desires,  

How do they expect to get satisfaction? 

It is the path towards destruction 

There is one sentence in front of me 

Perhaps there is a deep meaning behind its roots 

But don’t know why it is not able to touch my soul 

It is welcoming if a human does not have any expectation 

But “I don’t have any expectations” are like masks 

With which people cover their faces 

And try to find a progress for self 

What should we call it? 

Where there is no minute dedication 

How can we create an imagination for such life? 

There is a proverb here  

“mera, mere baap ka,  

Tere mein mera hissa” 

(Whatever I have, is my very own, 

And even I have a share in your share”) 

What does this behavior signify? 

And still there is a very beautiful mask of knowing every bit of the essence of the Universe 

That are made to wear here 

And then last expectation is always there 

And that is also added with a proverb called beautiful 

To increase its value and reverence 

This practice only makes the way of life very different 

Or the one who thinks of self only  

Then this sentence is especially dedicated to them 

“I do my thing 

And you do your thing 

I am not  

In this world 

To live up to your expectation 


You are not in this world 

To live up to mine 

You are you and  

I am I and 

If by chance 

We find each other 

It is beautiful. “ 


In the mid of the poem he has used the term “Swantah Sukhay”. It means the getting indulged in eternal happiness. Narendra Modi has expressed his views on Swantah Sukhay. He thinks that the way, people find happiness in doing things for self, I find happiness in doing things for all. I wish to achieve swantah Sukhay by serving all and sacrificing for all. We are seeing the “Saakar Swaroop” of his vision after him being a Prime Minister, where he is working day and night. He is not supposed to answer anyone, but he is working as if he has to achieve something and that achievement is for the people of India.  

He raised the same initiative with the name “Swantah Sukhay” for the government employees, where they were supposed to mention some events in their life, which were remarkable in their career. Actually, these events should not be anything personal or personal achievements, but the moment when you did something for others and you found eternal happiness. With such an initiative the Gujarat Government planned to acknowledge the deeds and in a way boost people for selfless work.

One more question that he arises is the use of the sentence, “I don’t have any expectations”. He uses the sarcasm that how beautifully people use this sentence. Actually this sentence is a mask. People do have expectations, but to give their selfishness, a good cover they use this sentence.  

Narendra Modi has also mentioned one local proverb, “Mera Mere Baap Ka, Tere mein mera hissa”, which shows the demon side of a human. People wishes to gather. They gather materialistic things in a lifetime just like animals seize food. Every bit and everything, they just want, without actually seeing, who is actually worthy of that.  

Lastly, he ends with a quotation from Gestalt Therapy, written by Fritz Perls, 1969.  

It is a wonderful quotation which states that  

What I wish to do in this world is my concern 

And what you wish to do is yours 

You are not here to fulfill my expectations 

As well as I am not here to fulfill yours. 

But if someday, we find each other 

It is beautiful 

What a beautiful note to end #Sakshibhaav. 

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh