Moving to the second part of Asim Atma Vishwas, Narendra Modi has started diverting from writing a tuned verse to discussing thoughts with maa jagdamba. He is finding activities of RSS to serve others as a mission of life. This is the discussion done with Maa, when he found immense happiness in eyes of volunteers.

Youthfulness is on a total swing here

Volunteers have gathered here

In the chilly winters

To take pain to achieve a goal

There are all kinds of inconvenience here

But still happiness can be seen on the faces

It is because of the immense faith in the

Heart, is it right?

Yes, then only it is possible

What an immense self confidence

Faith filled hearts are here!

How devoted and dedicated they are towards the betterment of the mother nation!

When there is a hopeless situation and darkness everywhere

Then aged, adult and teens all are keeping a faith in victory

What an immense faith they have kept in the

The Path selected by self,

Confidence in the thought perceived by the self

And confidence in the leadership they have got

Isn’t it amazing to shower so much of selfless love?

Does anyone teach the lesson of love here?

Does the closeness here is going to fulfill anyone’s personal wishes?


Even though,

The real feeling of love or existence of love is getting fulfilled and

Touching every heart

It is like maneuvering from me to us

It is because of the natural phenomena of moving towards

Not the moment of self-existence but the existence of all

Here the world me or self is existence, only for the time

When you are in the procedure of the self-attainment

The words self or me are allowed to use until that time only

He who is struggling for his own self or own ego

Is not capable of thinking of all

This continuous process of coming out of your own self can

Make you become a personality considering all as one

Then only,

He will a good conductor of positive energy

Such as love and multiply his aura

When there is a journey of dedication

Without reservation

Then only there can be the happiness felt for the infinite

Then this treasure of happiness as an outcome of many small

Dedication instances results in a great amalgamation.


From the discussion itself, it is very clear that vasudhaiv Kutumbakam was not just part of the campaign of election slogan, but he truly believes in it from the time in 1986. He has many a times mentioned it in this section of Asim Atmavishwas, about selfless service, happiness in selfless service. How he finds happiness in serving others. It seems that he is a clear goal oriented person, where goals should be such that he is doing something for mankind to appease him.

Many times, he has discussed about moving of self and thinking of all. His thoughts of serving all and not thinking for self are the only reason for the progress of Gujarat. We have mentioned it in one of our articles, how he used to work in Gujarat to prosper the state. He allowed his staff to move as they had families and responsibilities towards the family and described himself as no one is waiting for me at home so I can spend a few more hours in the office to complete some more work.

He has used many metaphors and synonyms to describe the happiness of volunteers. Traveling in Indian trains without reservation is big dearth, but he has compared it with happiness, when you are happy with the task you are doing.

One more thing, we are discovering from Sakshibhaav, though it was written in 1986, that Narendra Modi right from very young age was thinking only about the betterment of his fellow Indians. He either worked as a volunteer in RSS or as an apostle for BJP, his only purpose was to serve others. The previous disturbing poems were also indicative towards the same thing, where he was getting disturbed on seeing malpractices and pain of people. After years of Independence, India has got a PM who has dedicatedly lived his whole life for a purpose, to work for the nation.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh