PM Modi speaks about various topics in an interview with Times Now. Here is third part.

On Parliamentary Logjam:

Modi has been asked about how he is being held back achieving the objectives because of non-stop parliamentary logjam and how much it affects him?

Answering this particular question PM put his views. He said it is disturbing. Whether any decision has been made or not but at least a discussion should be there in parliament. Sadly discussions are not happening which is a worry of a democracy. Parliament is not only making decisions, it will happen on administration level lately but parliament is basically for discussion, showing your dissent, putting your arguments and support.

Parliamentarians are killing this spirit and it is responsibility of both the sections to maintain glory of the democracy. My government tried to hold discussion about every issue and talked with opposition leaders and we have passed many bills in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

There are many parties who are opposition but they are in harmony of many decisions of government so entire opposition is a culprit of this logjam, it is an injustice to them.

There is one party who has problems and world knows them. Opposition who ruled for 60 years should be aware of the nitty-gritties of the Government, so there should be more responsibility on their shoulders, they should be more concern.

About GST Bill:

Is government optimistic about passing GST Bill in next session of parliament? This fierce question has been taken by PM Modi. He said GST is not just an economic reform, it directly affects poor people of poor states and this should be understand by Rajya Sabha members from relative states. There is lot of parties who support GST but one party has made it a subject of prestige. But we hope soon it will be passed.

This is saddening to know that opposition reached to a level of distortion. It can be understand by, as government brought an act in last session where government has Rupees 40,000 Crore CAMPA fund, which we wanted to give to states. States could have used that money for forestry, greenery, planting trees and plants. If this bill had been passed before the monsoons, it could have been used for forests and a lot of employment could have generated. But opposition did not allow it to get pass because of their obstructionism and stopped it.

PM said I tried to have word with former PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi over tea at 7RCR about every issue and I will keep making effort to resolve these obstructions.

About Uttar Pradesh Election:

Would development be a sole agenda for UP election over communal color?

New generation is a believer of development. Employment, education and better life style is the answer of every problem. There should be competition of development only. Media should not make hero to those who pass wrong communal statements.

About Irregular Electoral Cycle:

Isn’t Country stuck in permanent electoral cycle?

In India there is regular state election oscillation of parties happen where focus is on party politics, polarizing issues and not on governance.

PM explained over this issue. He said it is not an issue of PM or parties. It is a matter of election commission. We all party leaders believe in the same. Election commission also wrote a letter about it and it is also a matter related to black money circulation. We need electoral reforms. It needs to be discussed.

We have mature voters. Simultaneous elections will decrease lot of loopholes like usage of black money, reducing cost, five years same tenure for government, code of conduct problems.

We want election commission to work on that after discussing with all parties.

About Working Schedule:

How do you manage the schedule and pace?

This is a great country and I would keep trying to work to cover a lot of issues because that’s for what I have been chosen.

About Farmer’s Crisis:

How do we overcome monsoons from becoming an annual crisis?

Answering about this question PM said there should be water management and I took meeting with 11 states Chief Ministers and talked about this issue. Every state government, irrelevant to any party, has worked greatly on water issues this time and we would see the results in coming monsoons. They put focus on water accumulation and irrigation through scientific techniques and collecting water and direct them to fields. They are stressing on micro irrigation in even sugarcane and paddy.

Pradhanmantri Fasal Beema Yojana will also give assurance to farmers for their crop loss and even before sowing, after harvesting if loss occurs, this scheme will cover all apprehensions of farmers. E-Mandi also has been proposed so farmer can sell their crops at their desired prices and places.

100% foreign direct investment in food processing and value addition, soil health card,100% neem coated urea are initiatives for farmer’s and agricultural welfare.

If these schemes will be implemented rightly the risk of monsoon dependence can be minimize.


About 2019 Elections:

Is 2019 in your mind anywhere?

On this question PM talked about his working and people who have seen him in Gujarat and seeing me these two years, knows I am an ‘apolitical’ Prime Minister. Apart from election campaigning, I never talk about anything else than government related topics. My focus is on governance only. This had been country’s misfortune as government ran only for elections.

The government should be a bona fide attempt of meeting the demands and expectations of the common people.

Election should be a bi-product.

I urged for paying tax before 30th September to all defaulters and black money keepers. Any PM who works for election would not dare to say this. It is a clear warning to government officers to not to make Indian citizens thieves.

I gave early retirement to 30 officers in income tax department and gave transfers to uphold officers. I won’t let that happen. I will give citizens a better lifestyle.

About Performance of Government:

How do you find run rate so far and what is the expected run rate for next three years to achieve your own targets?

Narendra Modi answered about the question as I never get satisfied with my performance. I always look for increasing my pace because I believe that world has moved forward a lot and we have to match that level.

We are not in calculating and assessing mood. I have given myself and my government completely to move forward. Even nation wants the same.

About the Motivation:

What motivates and worry you the most?

I believe in challenging the challenges. I do not believe in make worries great. I believe in facing problems and not running away from it. It is my responsibility to work for poor. Such people motivate me who work for society even after their personal economic issues. I am Prime Minister and it is my duty to work for them.

Thank You for reading.

Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi