PM Modi speaks about various topics in an interview with Times Now. Here is second part.

About Economic Issue:

About answering the question of all the social schemes be it Jan Dhan Yojana, Fasal Beema Yojana , Swachch Bharat, Skill India, Make In India so is your social transformation agenda is the core of your economical philosophy, PM stressed about the Antyodaya ideology for poor and make them economical strong.

We are focused on empowering the poor and improve their quality of life so all our schemes are turning their psychology of being empowered. They feel themselves now a mainstream contributor in the economy.

Our policies like StartUp India, StandUp India, Sea Port Activity, Railway Expansion etc to create job opportunities to ignite aspiration of youth. India is experiencing many biggest generation during this government be it electricity generation, Coal, Road construction etc which will create employment.

On question of disappointment of people about unemployment, PM said we took initiative like Mudra Yojana would cater them to expand their small businesses. 3 Crore people got benefit by this. We grant permission to small and big retailers for 24hrs service providing time like Mall culture. Thus more employment will be generated.

Food inflation is one of the biggest questions as a societal disappointment. PM added as inflation is not a perception, it’s a reality. We have seen 2 year drastic drought which is contributing the higher inflation and for that we have assured to giving state government rights to implement strong steps against inflation. We will work on high pulse prices by increasing pulse production and import.

About Exit of RBI Governer Raghuram Rajan Controversy:

About this question he answered, there was a huge speculation of his tenure as a RBI Governer at the time of this government formation.

People who are talking about Raghuram Rajan’s patriotism, is an injustice with him. He is equally patriot to country. I had good experience with him and I praise his work. People should take a clear message as they should be Nation pro and responsible. Nobody should find themselves higher than system.


On Black Money Issue:

Black money economy has shrunk to 10-15%. Would it be possible to bring back 25lakhs Crore in Indian bank accounts?

Initiative taken by government like Black Money Bill, transparent taxation, information sharing with other countries but still there is a lot of suspense over the Black Money issue.

PM spoke about Black Money subject as this issue had never addressed in parliament overlooking Supreme Court’s order.

Our government took first step by forming SIT. There is a very strong law in international level about black money. In G20 Summit, I raised this issue and signed agreement with many countries on sharing real time, automatic information exchange about the unaccounted money which is associated with even terrorism practices.

We also had a meeting with Switzerland delegation in India after my visit to Switzerland and we are in the process of consensus about Automatic Information Exchange.

We also addressed the Mauritius route of traveling the black money. We have been succeeded to sign a reformed treaty with Mauritius about black money issue. It is a battle against black money.

Also we are working the black money issue within the country.

About Willful Defaulters and Economic Offenders:

About this issue where economic defaulter use different laws in taking money out of the country and never come back, Modi said Indian citizens have faith in government. It does not worry me rather it is an opportunity for me and I will show them what law is.

Scams of Previous Government:

There are so many scams came out of previous government like AgustaWestland, Defence scams, CAG which are not just financial corruption but a threat to national security so how government will take them up despite the opposition attack of political vendetta?

Prime Minister explained about how much it is difficult to untangle this dirt into the system. People who did all these scams were very perfect and experts. Sin has been done and my government is not targeting anyone but we are equally committed to finding the ill deeds and take a right action.

To be continued…..

Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi