PM Narendra Modi Speaks: Interview By Times Now


PM Modi speaks about various topics in an interview with Times Now. Here is first part.

On Monday, 27th June 2016, Prime Minister spoke about all the raising questions, issues, visions and apprehensions towards Government of India in an interview with Times Now. Times Now anchor Arnab Goswami interviewed this highly awaited personal interview of Indian PM at his show Frankly Speaking.

Prime Minister is more likely to known as his deliverable approach than to be in media’s questionnaire so this interview came up as one of the most watched interview of PM.

Modi spoke about his challenges of being inexperienced and new in the central politics and working of government. The hopelessness and disparity which was intruded deeply in system was one of the highest challenges for me. But our government has succeeded to awaken that hope as things can change.

PM has been asked about lot of question from every field. Here are few wordy clips:

About Foreign Policy and NSG:

PM spoke actively about foreign policy. We had experienced 30 years of unstable government which is one of the factors where globe seeks the feasibility of that country. He thanked people of India for bringing a stable government.

Any country looks up for the head of the state to make viable relationships with the particular nation and I was new in this. So it was a necessity to meet and explore the new relationships with other countries. Being Proactive was a need of time and it was a team work.

Bipolar state of foreign policy was a wrong norm for previous Indian governments which had been identified lately. Foreign policies are now more of people to people connectivity than government to government.

India is connecting with world now. My principle of working is emphasizing on small countries should be as equal to major countries. International Solar Mission is one of the finest examples of this vision whereas 50 small countries are feeling safe with this vision.

We are now at the stage of sailing our boat against the current rather than counting waves at shore.

On NSG issue, PM said every government had put in effort on continuously basis. In my government tenure we have got membership of SCO and MTCR and I am sure we have started positive efforts for NSG membership.

On question of Chinese opposition in NSG entrance, PM explained about the power of communication between two nations whether they are of same ideology or not. China and India have many issues and it is a continuous effort to resolve them. But we would not compromise on India’s welfare.

Foreign policy is all about finding the meeting point between two countries. It’s not about agreeing on same point always.


About Relationship with USA:

On the question of oscillating faith towards America as it had been inclined towards Pakistan, How much it is right to believe in USA?

On this question PM again added about the obsolete bipolar system in global scenario, world is now interconnected and interrelated. We should not adhere Pakistan in every issue for our country’s vision. The warmth of Indo-USA relations are being visible to globe and it has been noticed. One has to be in good terms with everyone.

About Pakistan Issue:-On being generous towards Pakistan, Arnab asked about how it is difficult to cope up with the intruded terrorism from boarders?

PM said countries should worked together but at the same time work which should be done on tables, it would and work which should be done by armies, they would. Terrorist activities which have been blocked by Indian army became frustrating for terrorist groups and we are sure about our defense mechanism.

About meeting with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif and Pathankot attacks, PM answered. In Pakistan there are many forces working other than democratic government. We would not compromise on India’s integrity and our army will give befitting reply to their attacks. We prefer friendship but not at cost of Nation’s security.

We have given message to world as we want peace and we are not answerable to them. India always put terrorism as a threat for world and they are agreeing on it.


To be continued….


Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi