On 2nd April 2016, Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi arrived Saudi Arabia, where he had interaction with the CEO’s and Business Leaders to strengthen the ties with two countries. During this visit, India-Saudi Arabia Joint Statement was agreed by both the nations.

Indian PM also met with the interior Minister Mohammad bin Nayef, Saudi Foreign Minister, Mr. Adel al-Jubeir and Broad Chairman of Saudi Oil Giant Aramco, Mr. Abdulaziz al-Faleh. PM Modi emphasized on the relationship of India and Saudi Arabia for the future commitments. While sharing his views on the democracy, demand and demography, he also mentioned the policies and initiatives which were implemented during the last two years. He also revealed the vast scope of investment in the health sector like manufacturing of medical equipment and devices which will not only open the broad scope for the health tourism but also provide help for the global marketing process.

He mentioned that investing in India can be cost competitive as we have highly expert and well trained working staff in the health sectors. Planning of manufacturing industries in our country can build trustful economic relations combining the effective use of technology and joint investment.

By presenting the splendid talent and opportunities in India in different sectors like defense manufacturing, infrastructure, cold chain facilities, fertilizers, agriculture, warehousing, petroleum and renewable energy, PM Modi ensured the investors of Saudi Arabia. He mentioned that Indian Government has a strong belief in the predictable long term taxation regime. Moreover, Shri Modi had also shown interest to work together for the digital world like cyber security.

During his visit, PM Modi also interacted with women at the IT and ITES Centre of Tata Consultancy Services in Riyadh. According to him, it was a wonderful opportunity to interact and hear the experiences and thoughts of the people working there. Moreover, he also shared the snacks with people who were present during the occasion. It represents the simplicity of PM Modi, because of which he has always received the tremendous response from the people.

During this meeting, PM Modi addressed the people and said that we have to combine the natural and human efforts in order to achieve the development goals and for that the role of woman power is quite important to consider. Nowadays, women have become an important part of the development process and their strong will power has overcome all challenges of the competitive world. He also appreciated the professional environment that he observed at IT and ITES Centre. It is a direct indication of focused determination and willingness to perform and achieve the best. He also invited the expert woman’s unit to visit India, which will make a great impact on our country.

Along with this, Prime Minister described the role of digital technology in the governance like e-governance which means easy governance, effective governance and economic governance. He mentioned about the Narendra Modi App which has helped him to stay connected with the people so that they can share their views for the development of India in an easy and effective way. He asked the people to share their views on Women Empowerment.

PM Modi also left a great remark with the words “वन्दे मातरम्” and “मातृ देवो भव:” on the message board at the IT and ITES Centre along with his autograph.


“Vande Mataram. Matri Devo Bhavah” wrote the Prime Minister on the message board at the Centre.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also addressed Indian Community in Riyadh. While addressing the public meeting, he mentioned the development modes of India, because of which our nation has drawn the attraction of the world. Our country has an immense power of creativity and talent that has become production in many ways. We have generated a hope of positivity with moral and democratic values that has helped us to make trustful relations with different countries all around the world. The brilliant talent of our nation which has been world widely accepted, is only because of the political stability of the Indian Government. We have overcome the difficult situations and thus intensified the development configurations. In today’s world, everyone is looking for the talented and modern technology workforce for which our nation has been proceeding with a fast pace.

Indian Prime Minister Shri Modi was given Saudi Arabia’s Highest Civilian Honor by the King Abdulaziz Sash. Moreover, he was also greeted with a beautiful gift by the King Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud, which was a gold plated replica of Juma Masjid in Kerala. This masjid was built in India by the Arab Traders around 629 AD. For India and Saudi Arabia, this gift is a symbol of active trade relations.

PM Modi’s visit to Saudi Arabia has opened a new era of military relationship. According to the Indian diplomat, this meeting will encircle individuals from all walks of life, from the royalty to the Indian diaspora. It has been observed as an intensive programme for both the nations. The fruitful result of PM’s Saudi Arabia visit has been observed as the MoUs on bilateral cooperation in investment promotion, labour, exchange of intelligence related to money laundering, handicrafts, terror financing and the related crimes.

Contributor: Sunpreet Kaur