Mann Ki Baat – 27th March 2016

Prime Minister addressed the nation 18th time in his own favorite communicative program Mann ki baat on March 27, 2016 on All India Radio.

He started off with the Easter wishes to all the Christian community around the globe. In his speech he initiated it with very light mood where nowadays confusion between exams and T20 World Cup matches were mentioned for youth.

He also congratulated Indian team for wins over Pakistan and Bangladesh in T20 World Cup. He stated as it is time to bring a revolution in sports world as India has 65% young blood in its population. Along with cricket, football, hockey, tennis and kabaddi are also being recognized in current scenario.

He expressed his happiness and expectations from Indian youth as India will gong to host Under 17 FIFA World Cup next year. 24 teams will play on Indian grounds.

He showed his disappointment as even after wins of 1951, 1962 Asian games and in 1956 Olympics India was on 4th place, we have been lagged behind from last few decades.

But as a new hope, Indian youth’s interest is getting excelled whether it is EPL, Spanish League, Indian Super League, youth is equally excited.

He emphasized in generating interest and enthusiasm about football so we can not only be host. He stressed to promote and encourage football sport in schools, colleges, gullies and villages.

Football is an opportunity for branding India on international platform so he has asked about suggestions from citizens like logo, song, souvenirs, and messages. It is an opportunity to participate.

Everyone has their own vacation check list in summers so PM Modi again asked to upload pictures and messages/information of those unseen places of India which can be a tourist attractor.

He was pleased by earlier efforts of Indians who did marvelous contribution by showcasing India in their pictures which work could not be done by Tourism department, State Government and Indian Government.

He asked not to be a visitor only but a detailed traveler where one can learn something new every time and can enhance their personality. He quoted “A traveler without observations is a bird without wings.”

mann ki baat

He shared his own experience about travelling the India as India is a nation of diversity which can never be monotonous to explore. He added, “Things which we are not able to learn in classroom are sometimes learnt while travelling.”

PM Modi encouraged increasing employment through tourism. India has immense opportunity in tourism but it is lacking somewhere where we need to work and can allure the international tourists.

“On your vacation, students should learn one skill and hobby to utilize the vacation to enhance their personality”. “Learn something new which you always willing to do”, Narendra Modi advised to students.

PM Modi mentioned Digital India’s new present for farmers where government has introduced a new app “Kisaan Suvidha App”. This app will help in providing information about farming and weather.

It will also help you to know the state of markets, mandi’s , current performing crop, usable medicines and many subjects. It also has expert advice which can resolve farmer’s problems and queries.

Water storage should be enhanced by combined effort of citizens and governments. Government is inviting their proposals as government has already planned for constructing 5Lacs water bodies under the MNREGA scheme. “Save Water is next project for government with the help of citizens to making it a revolution”, as per PM.

Excess use of fertilizers is making our soil sterile and by the help of new techniques we can eliminate its side effects by practicing fertilizer free cropping. These practices should be encouraged, Narendra Modi stressed on this.

On 7th April, world is celebrating World Health Day and this year it is Diabetes focused. In alone India it took 6.5Crore tolls in 2014. PM Modi suggested defeating diabetes by taking new resolutions for your health.

Include exercise, jogging, walks and other health improvement methods to keep ourselves safe from this disease which is host of all other health issues.

He also paid tribute to Dr.Bheem Rao Ambedkar on his coming Birth Anniversary.

PM Modi also sent his wishes for Vikram Samvat and New Year which will be celebrated around the corner of nation with different names.

In this edition Modi covered various topics which concluded his concern about every subject directly or indirectly affecting Indian people.

Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi