PM Narendra Modi met representatives of “Girl Rising.” This is a campaign globally to teach and empower girls. The members of this campaign are Ms. Freida Pinto, Ambassador, Girl Rising India, and Ms. Samantha Wright, Vice-President, Global Programs for Girl Rising.

A feature film has been made on Girl Rising campaign. This film has been translated into many Indian languages. Beti Banchao, Beti Padhao is an initiative by Sri Narendra Modi. The members of Girl Rising campaign appreciated this initiative. The PM advised them to work on the problem of female foeticide.

Freida Pinto, India ambassador of Girl Rising and Samantha Wright who is the Vice President of global programs met our Prime Minister to discuss the issue. A new campaign was started in February 2015. Priyanka Chopra and Freida Pinto took the initiative of this campaign. They wanted to change the lifestyle of girls of India.

The Girl Rising campaign includes strong storytelling and remarkable advocacy. In India, Girl Rising campaign will strike the development at the grassroots level. They are going to change the lives of girls.

Girl Rising promotes the education for girls in all countries of the world. They use the technique of telling stories. They want to speak on a simple truth. They are interested in changing societies by educating the girls.

The campaign of Girl Rising aims at uniting girls, women, boys, and men. They have a common belief that every girl must go to school. Every girl child has the right to develop them with the full potential.

Girl Rising has a mission to revolutionize the way the world gives priority to a girl. They give first priority in educating girls. They create an awareness about girl child education. They can motivate people into action. They mobilize funds for the development of girl child education. They believe in the strength of unity. They create films and videos promoting educational and advocacy. They create school curriculum following free standards. They have guides for screening.

Girl Rising supporters are interested in bringing back girls in school. They have launched a project known as Girl Rising: Engage in India, Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa. They have struck a partnership with USAID.

Now Girl Rising supporters are focusing on the education of girls and not boys. This is due to the fact that educating girls can break cycles of poverty in one generation only.

There are some advantages of educated girls. They can promote their rights, marry and have children later. They can teach their own children. The families and communities of these girls survive.

Still there are many girls all over the world who get resistance to education. But boys get support from their families when it comes to education. This discrimination must end.

There are many barriers like early marriage, gender-based violence, domestic slavery and sex trafficking. They want a decent living for girls as well as a safe, healthy and prosperity in the world for everybody.

Girl Rising activists use storytelling technique to revolutionize the world. They want to promote values of the girl. Girl Rising is promoting themselves in a big way. They are doing it in those areas where change is required urgently. Their stories will motivate the people. They will be doing two important things e.g. imagine and believe. The imagination is based on the improved future for girls. They have to make other believe in developing a girl child life.

In order to promote the girl education, new films have been developed by Girl Rising. They have been created using local languages. This will help in the development of a change in communities in the cities, towns and villages all over the target countries. The target country is India and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They will work in a network of corporate, cultural and government agencies. They will also work with non-profit partners and campaigners at the grassroots level.

Girl Rising has started a project known as ENGAGE. The full form is Empowering Next Generations to Advance Girls’ Education. They are going to start a public-private partnership. They are going to get financial assistance from USAID. It is a new concept and it took many years and it will soon be launched for campaigns. It will change the behaviors and attitude. It will help increase the number of girls into classrooms in India, the DRC, West Africa and beyond.

Girl Rising campaigners have decided to work together. They have promised a better world for girls. They will increase awareness, mobilize men, women and youths, and above all engage corporate and government leaders in this campaign. They are going to prioritize the importance of education and barriers of girls. They will take the right steps so that girls can get the chance of primary and secondary education. They are going to create an environment for girls. They will campaign for change in policy. They will seek financial investment in education.

India  has taken big steps in girl education since August 15, 1947, the year of our independence from the British rule. According to statistics, there are 8 million children out of school. The literacy rate for girls is found to be 20 points below boys. In India, the economic loss for not educating girls is the loss of potential economic growth of about $33 billion dollars per year. Therefore our PM Narendra Modi may work with Girl Rising and get the foreign donations for the development of his government initiative Beti Bachao Andolan.



Contributor: Pratanu Banerjee