On 12th March 2016, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visited Bihar to inaugurate three major railway projects in Hajipur. These projects have an estimated budget of 7000 Crore Rupees.  PM Modi flagged an inaugural train over the Munger Rail Bridge and dedicated this to the nation. According to him, these bridges will not only provide great help for the transportation and movement in Bihar but also will be proved as a boon for the state.

The Major Railway Projects cover:

  1. Rail-cum-road bridge at Munger
  2. Rail-cum-road bridge at Patna over the River Ganga (4.56 Km long)
  3. Double Line Additional bridge at Mokama over the River Ganga

The lack of transportation facilities and connectivity modes have become the major reasons because of which one of the most populated state of the country, Bihar has been falling in the development criteria. Considering these issues, the major railway projects have been started in Bihar which will effectively bring change in the economic status of the state and the nation. The bridges will connect a long way to South and North Bihar which will also help in the development of these regions. The three bridges will cover 460 kilometer length of the river Ganga in Bihar.

PM laid the foundation stone of Mokama double line bridge, nearer to Rajendra Pul. While addressing the public meeting, Shri Narendra Modi described the importance of these transportation connectivity modes. According to him, the progress of Bihar is the key to the nation’s development and it is the nerve center of India’s progress in the eastern parts of the nation.

He praised the excitement of the people. Speaking at the occasion, PM Modi mentioned that the Ganga River joins North Bihar and South Bihar. In the same way, these transportation modes will join the people and support their needs. These railways projects were the dream of honorable Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee which will turn into reality in the future years.

He also inaugurated an additional railway bridge at Mokameh, about 100 Kilometer East of Patna. He also said that if these projects were kept on priority before ten years, then these would have been completed in 5-7 years. The delayed projects have also increased the budget price from Rs. 600 Crore to 3000 Crore. We have to understand the need of people and according to that, we have to create long term systems so that maximum number of people get benefitted.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Rails, Roads and Infrastructure has the strength to not only lay the foundation for the development but also accelerates growth.”

PM Modi also dedicated 5 kilometer long rail-cum Road Bridge over the Ganga River between Sonepur in North Bihar and Digha in Patna. He stated that for the sustainable development, we have to cover all new parameters of development continuously for 25-30 years and this cannot be possible without the development of Eastern India, which will include different states like Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Eastern UP, Orissa, and North Eastern States. We cannot adopt shortcuts for these big projects, we have to work periodically and systematically.

PM Modi has a great vision for the development of India. According to him, the Centre and states should go hand in hand for the acceleration of development work in the country. He added that our government has fast tracked the nation’s development in the last few years, because of which the development work has completed successfully in several states of the nation. He also mentioned the example of new Tejas train, having a speed of 130 kilometer per hour which will be introduced very soon by the Railway Department to reduce the long journey hours.

According to PM Modi, Railway is not only the medium of transportation, but it is also helpful to raise the economy of the nation. He also added that railway should be updated time to time to meet the challenges of the Modern World.

He appreciated the efforts of Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar by saying that the development work and projects can be completed on a fast rate if the central and state government put their combined efforts for that. PM Modi stressed on the enhancement of Railway Infrastructure, speed of the trains, facilities on the stations, qualitative passenger services, and use of digital technology and complain redressal mechanism.

The railway projects will be a great gift to people living in Bihar. Now, they would easily travel in trains for various purposes like studying, employment and other needs. Many a times, people have to suffer because of the reservation and non-availability of seats for long journeys. Now, they do not have to wait for so long, as there will be additional 2-4 compartments with the trains that cover long distances. This will not only let them reach on time in emergency situations, but also reduce their stress of waiting clearance of train tickets.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that the government had opted innovative techniques in tenders while focusing on the exports and modes. On the basis of that, we have decided to place the orders. Many companies and industries have approached for the investment in India. He said that there will a big foreign direct investment (FDI) of Rs. 40 thousand crores which has been attracted for two mega locomotive projects at Marhaura and Madhepura in Bihar. In the coming years, huge progress will be observed in various regions of Bihar which will contribute to the nation’s economy to a great extent.

Contributor: Sunpreet Kaur