PM Narendra Modi addressed VikasParv Rally in Saharanpur to mark 2 years of NDA Government.

On 26th May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a massive rally in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh where he marked two years of NDA government. Addressing huge masses, Modi remarked about NDA government’s initiatives, projects and achievements.
On revising 2 years of marathon works, projects, visits, initiatives, PM shed light on how government is all braced up for the development of India. How these initiatives have brought changes in lives of Indian people.

PM said he is the Pradhan Sevak and would remain in service of the 125 crore people of India.

Modi began his speech with the chanting of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. Modi started off as I belong to Uttar Pradesh as I am Member of Parliament from UP and I came to take your blessings and love.

At the same time I was swearing oath on this date and after two years I am here to mark my two years work,” he continued.

He urged to empower and strengthen the poor to fight against poverty. Poverty should not be a legacy to pass on.

This government believes in empowering state governments where they can work for development. We decided from our outset as state governments will hold 65% fund instead of 35%. Gram panchayats were being strengthened in these 2 years .Government stressed on building a good infrastructure, a better life style, better medical facilities, education, water, electricity to villages.

PM took opposition on by stating,” country was changing but the mindset of some people remained the same.”

He mentioned about ignorance towards sugarcane farmers by previous governments where they were unpaid of about 14,000 crore rupees. Neither Sugar mills nor state government was bothered about them. We tried to pay this amount by different initiatives.

Prime Minister extensively talked about initiatives related to farmers and agriculture. He talked about Soil health card as how it is important to keep eye on health of soil and how to improve yield of crops by using modern techniques with traditional farming.

Modi also stated about Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojana. He explained how right irrigation would be a boon to farmlands. We are working to create a better irrigation network to increase the fertility of soil thus economy of country.

He emphasized on preserving water in this monsoons as much as we can to increase ground water level.

He also talked about the compensation limit to farmers which was half crop damage earlier, came to one third damage.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana would even cover the natural calamities in it. He wants to ensure as farmer will receive all the insurance of his crop.

On talking about corruption, he praised his government for zero tolerance of corruption. No single charges of corruption were being laid on NDA government, he added.

Give it up” campaign was one successful mass movement of this country. This is success of citizens as they voluntarily gave up LPG subsidy without any government law. Over 1 crore consumers gave it up their subsidies. In last two years we provided gas connections to 2 crore poor families and aiming to provide to 5 crore LPG connection in coming 3 years.

He also quoted about woman empowerment initiatives hugely taken by Government of India. “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” campaign to save and educate girl child was one program which touched every part of society.

Road building speed has doubled as compare to previous governments.

In 21st century, we are still struggling for electricity. It is a big embarrassment after almost 70 years of independence, 18000 villages were under darkness. We are committed to power all those villages in 1000 days and PM seemed content as they have succeeded to electrifying 7000 villages in just 2 years.

Mudra Yojana is helping in lending loans for poor who wants to set up their small businesses is one more initiative by government to generate employment and eradicate poverty. Modi added, we ensured that the poor gets the bank from banks and so far 3.25 crore poor got the benefit of the Mudra Yojana worth 1.25 lakh crore without guarantee.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana and Rupaye Card are two initiatives which helping and benefitting crores of Indians.

Swachchta Abhiyaan is one more initiative by our Government which was taken encouragingly by youth of country.

He also urged to doctors of India to treat free of cost to poor pregnant women on 9th of every month to reduce mortality rate of pregnant women.

One of the biggest announcements he has made in Saharanpur. He announced as increased in retirement age of doctors to 65 years.

He said development is the key of success and nothing can replace development. Two years back there was despair but now hopes have been emerged.

India is now a fastest growing economy irrespective of global downfall and these wheels of development will continue to roll.

He wrapped up his speech with asking for same support and love from the country he is receiving to keep the development chariot going.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.


Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi