Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visited West Bengal to address two rallies on 17th and 21st April 2016. The major concern of these events is to spread awareness among people so that they can determine all aspects to make a right decision for the nation. The polling schedule for third and fourth phase were held on 21st and 25th April 2016. However, fifth and sixth phase will be on 30th April and 5th May, 2016 respectively.

First Interaction:

On 17th April 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned in Krishnanagar in Nadia district and Shaheed Minar at Kolkata, West Bengal. Speaking at the event, PM Modi laid stress on the development process, for which the contribution of our young generation is quite mandatory. Many youths in our country have hope to achieve great success in their life.

He said, “These elections are about scripting the bright future for people of West Bengal

He also added that our government is focusing to provide career opportunities to the young generation so that they can contribute their true potential for the development of nation. In the last 60 years, different parties got the opportunities in our country. But now, it is our time to serve the nation so that we can fetch several development modes in different sectors. It can be possible only with the support of the people. The vigorous power of youth can help to bring a great change in our country.

PM Modi also mentioned that West Bengal was known to be the crown of nation in the past years. This was because of the stable condition of the state. In order to bring change, we have to fight against corruption and for that the combined approach of the people is quite mandatory. He also expressed grief over Vikenanada flyover collapse because of which many people lost their lives. While addressing public meeting, Shri Narendra Modi also stated that we want equality for all developing states of the nation. He said that West Bengal is the prominent state of our country.

PM Modi said, “We want Bengal to develop...A country cannot be called developed until all the states are developed.

He believed that we have to consider and execute development plans in all the states of the country, only then we will become able to observe the growth in various sectors. He considered employment opportunities for the youth as the prior option. He also added that the land of Bengal was known for great men and their abilities.

PM Modi mentioned said that it is the requirement of time that we have to consider all the needs of family and life, for example- Child’s Education, Income Sources and Medical Facilities for the elders. Determining all these major aspects, we are willing to provide all such facilities to the states. He said that our government has executed various development plans like we have become successful to enlighten the rural areas of various states with proper supply of electricity. We have an aim to cover maximum 18000 villages within 1000 days. The schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana have been executed considering all the basic needs of people in our country.

Second Interaction:

On 21st April 2016, PM Modi addressed public meeting for the second time in Basirhat and Howrah West Bengal. He mentioned that there is need of all round development in different sectors of West Bengal and for which our government has implemented various schemes that will not only provide various benefits to the people but also they can secure their life and future in many ways.
PM Modi said, “West Bengal needs was all-round development

We had a three point agenda for the West Bengal- Development, Fast-Paced Development and All-Round Development. With that, various commercial and industrial sectors will be covered. Moreover, the dreams and expectations of the youngsters will also be fulfilled. He also added that the young generation in West Bengal is looking for job opportunities to make their career. In order to equip the brilliant talent of youth for the development of nation, our government has been considering different commercial scale.

Missions like Make in India, Business Startups, and Beneficiary Schemes will lead our nation on the top position in the future years. Our nation is running with the fast pace on the development path covering major areas like commercial sector like industries, manufacturing and production centers, digital technology etc. With this, we have provided many job opportunities to the young generation.

In the words of PM Modi: Sunset happened for the Left but what came after that? It caused only more darkness. We need the Light of Development.

With this, Shri Narendra Modi considered different problems of the people like water shortage in different areas of West Bengal for so long years. He said that we have already allocated resources for the proper water supply so that people can easily manage their home tasks.

PM Modi is on the mission to cut deep roots of corruption and nepotism in the state so that people get equal rights of all the government schemes and plans. He also highlighted the schemes executed in order to improvise and transform the living standards of the people all over the nation like Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. He also mentioned that with the support of people, we can not only uplift the living conditions but also can provide amazing opportunities for the overall development of the people.

PM Modi also mentioned that our government will provide complete support to the West Bengal so that we can bring a great change to improve the living standards of people.

Contributor: Sunpreet Kaur