On 24th June 2016, Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visited Tashkent, Uzbekistan to attend the annual summit of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization). He addressed at SCO summit with an aim to expand India’s engagement with the China dominated grouping in the areas of defense, security and energy. The president of the republic of Uzbekistan Mr. Ismail Karimov and the leaders of member states of Shanghai were also present. The event was held for two days. On the first day, SCO started the process of India’s accession to the grouping as a full-fledged member along with Pakistan.

When the final process of India’s accession as a full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization began, PM Modi gave clear indication that India’s connection with the bloc will provide help to protect the region from the threats of violence and radicalization asserting that it would adopt zero tolerance to terrorism. Addressing at the SCO summit, PM Modi mentioned that India would significantly benefit from the grouping strengths in natural resources and energy which in turn will leave a great impact on India’s strong economy. With this, the vast market could drive an economic strength in the SCO region.

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India’s membership of SCO will help to drive the region’s economic growth. It will also contribute to the prosperity and security of various regions. This partnership will be not only protect the threats of radical ideologies of terror, hate and violence but also help to protect our societies. PM Modi recalled the Ufa Summit, which was conducted by the President Putin in the last year. During that time, the SCO leaders had accepted our nation as its full member. For India, it was a landmark to get engaged with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. He said that signing the Memorandum of Obligations, we would formalize the process of India’s membership of the SCO.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also described the ancient culture and history of India and said that our country is not new to the world. For the past many years, we have been sharing the historic linkages. The connection between both countries is not only shared by geographic regions but also by our societies have been enriched with the culture, cuisine and commerce. The connection seems like the bedrock of our relationship with countries like China, Russia and Central Asia. In the coming years, one sixth of humanity will join the family of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. He said that our nation is grateful to the member states of SCO and the leaders for their appreciable support for the membership of India.

He mentioned the importance of India’s link with SCO Countries like from now onwards, all members will work towards the predefined common goals. Moreover, we will also adopt the zero tolerance and follow the comprehensive approach to fight against terrorism and violence at all levels. In order to complete the process of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Membership, India will have to sign a file of 30 documents in the course of the year.

India, being one of the largest energy consuming countries of the world, is also expected to get access the major oil and gas exploration projects in the Central Asia which will not only fulfill the energy requirements but also explore the chances of manufacturing and projection sectors. It has been observed that many countries who are the members of the Shanghai cooperation organization, have huge reserves of natural gas and oil. PM Modi, in his address, exuded the confidence that India’s engagement with all SCO members will also help to build a stable and secure region. However, it can be the engine of an economic growth for all the world and thus help to maintain strong connections with the other countries.

Seeking economic engagement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the capacities of India in different sectors like information, trade, communication technology, health, investments, agriculture, space, care, small and medium scale industries will bring great benefit to the SCO countries.

He said that India is looking forward to the fruitful outcomes of its engagement at the SCO Summit as its entry as a full member will extend the cooperation in different sectors like security, defense and counter terrorism. According to him, it also expands the people to people ties with the region. India as SCO member, will also be able to play a major role in addressing the threat of terrorism in the region. Moreover, India is also looking forward to deepen the security related cooperation with the SCO and its Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (RATS) which significantly deals with the problems related to defense and security. India has also joined and participated in the meetings and events of the Ministerial level of the grouping which has focused on the economic cooperation and security in the Eurasian Region.  


Contributor : Sunpreet Kaur