Moving on to the next aspect of the write up Pal Bindu Ni Dhara, where earlier, Narendra Modi has taken a chance to describe the time, addressing it with different metaphors. Let us move ahead with the poetic representation of a poet and his observations related to time.  

Such time does not have motion 

Many hurricanes of time 

Can’t even touch such time 

It stays protected for centuries in the memory just like the monuments 

Sometimes in the form of any shape and sometimes totally shapeless 

Yes, but how many such moments are there? 

The moments that are really long lived in the life of a person, 

The life of a society or in memory of a nation. 

Perhaps a moment that has become immortal in memory of a person 

Prevails for a longer period of time 

Yes, but it does have an intense form. 

It happens sometimes with the condition of the heart of a person 

When the moments slipped from the ocean of time in the oyster  

And gets preserved in the form of pearl 

For this it is required to have the most prosperous feelings of human heart 

There should be a call from the subconscious from the real human heart 

One strong thirst can burn everything 

The body and mind are set on fire 

Past, present and future tense everything just feel like one 

And it feels like entangled in each other. 

The visibility of the eyes has got limited only up to the heart 

And the sound of the ear is audible only to self, which is getting repeatedly echoed 

Where all the senses are centered 

Such moment is the moment, which can make that moment immortal 

Time has to stop 

Time has to take a shape 

Time has a encompass the intensity of pain and warmth of enthusiasm in it 

Hey mother, even I am trying to get that time 

I am trying to the catch, those moments of life 

I am also flowing with the time, with a hope to stand somewhere 

To have such precious moment of time, which can be treasured. 

21- 12- 1986 


On reading the initial section of the write up, everything was discussed about the time. From the entire write up, it seems that he is talking about some personal aspect. But he is not meant for a family or social life because his entire focus is on a nation or society.  

From the heart touching explanation of moments that touches our heart, he raises a point, where, how many times do we find the moments that are remarkable in the life of a human, but then he asks about the remarkability in terms of society and nation. It very well signifies that his entire life, focus and thoughts are centered towards the nation. He never had any family or social approach.  

In the last stanza, just like a kid requests his mother, he has bowed down to Maa Jagdamba. He has expressed his desire to give him moments that can be treasured like pearls. He is talking about the streams (small waterfall) of pearls. And see the benevolence of his deity. Today, his life itself has become like a pearl. Not just one moment, but he has received a series of moments to treasure in his life time. He has become such CM of Gujarat that his name is already immortalized in history of Gujarat and now that he has become PM of India, he is up to creating history.  

He talked about the moments, which he wanted to be remarkable for the nation. There are many as of now, but Narendra Modi himself only knows that what his ultimate treasure moment is? What is his ultimate goal that is his real pearl for the nation.  

Twinkle Parekh


Contributor: Twinkle Parekh