Sakshibhaav : MataNi Murti – 3

Since independence, it has been discussed that Indian political platform is insensitive. Citizens have also witnessed the same thing that the government was insensitive towards their pain. India and Indians were hoping for someone, who can understand their feelings and act for the nation. At the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, it was a prevalent statement from him that a very good man at a very wrong place. Here in India, the political platform needed a person who can rule, at the same time understands people and above all withstand all diversities and the worst part of Indian politics, not working and not letting others work attitude.

In words of Narendra Modi in 1986

I wish to connect the world with the platform of feelings

I wish to understand the pain of all

I wish to sacrifice the feeling of being me

That is the reason, I ask you

That’s why I have not received such intensity forever?

See mother, thinking of the moments of waiting

Is also making my inner conscious so uneasy

Is it necessary to have the essence of such continuous inner tremble

Should be Just like the butter?

Then how will it induce my conscious for not getting connected?

I wish to create that unattached emotion

With compassionate touch of my feelings

I wish to induce a feelingly plant of emotions in dry and barren feelings of people.

I wish to inspire dreams in the eyes of the people,

Who have stopped dreaming?

I wish to induce movement in the legs

Which are numb

I wish to oscillate waves in the ocean, which is calm and chilled

Without emotions

Hey mother, I am waiting for my total dedication

Hey mother, I am waiting for the infinite expansion of self

Hey mother, being my own self

Hey mother, I wish to bath in the stream of feelings

Just like a kiddo

And getting wet with feelings in every moment


Just from the poem itself from the pen of Narendra Modi in 1986, we can make out that the change was created by the Universe.

We can observe in his world, his intentions. Can we imagine that he has found out his self? Has he become so strong to dedicate himself totally to the nation and for the people? The way he has worked in Gujarat for 13 years and the way he is working right now, we can see the total dedication towards the nation.

This can be the answer to the people who keeps on asking from where he is gathering so much of energy to travel immensely, attend meetings and get the positive things done for India.It is the practice of years and total faith and dedication of years have now cultivated as an effort to put his wishes into action.

The people of India lost faith in the government. No ears were hearing the plea. India is witnessing a 360 degree revolution in the working pattern of the government. Though complains are there. But the eyes have started dreaming, people have started dreaming again. The world is witnessing that Indian politics is under reformation phase.

A person, who has seen the dearth of poverty and pain of living as a common man can only understand the pain of other people. Staying among the people and being from a very poor family Narendra Modi has seen and experienced all these very well. We see a very sensitive person, Narendra Modi through his poems. It is a journey of 30 years or perhaps more to reach this position. The thoughts were conveyed to  the Universe through these poems and the Universe has given him the reign of the nation to work out the process of reduction of pain of waiting for a change in India.

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Sakshibhaav : MataNi Murti – 2

After illustrating the instances of wait with three illustrations Narendra Modi is further expressing his thoughts on overall life of a human and how a human keeps on waiting in hope of achieving something. Sometimes it turns out to be a good wait, sometimes it turns out to be painful. Many a times, wait imprints a bitter experience of life. Let us read it in words of Narendra Modi himself, Sakshibhaav in English

But moments of wait are

A strong expression of emotions of any human

This is the only thermometer to measure the strength of emotions

It exemplifies the high and lows of life

This emotion of feelings becomes an ocean

And start oscillating the whirls of feelings

The high and low rises at a time just like dance of Shiva

The waiting person can feel the living world around him

With all his existence

Sometimes the wait burns him

Sometimes it makes him uneasy

Have you ever sat in the cool breeze of a fully blooming tree?

Have you ever experienced the heat of burning desires even after sitting in cool breeze?

Every inch of a tree is involved in your pain

In an effort to show compassion towards you

All its branches will try to lower down to you

Emotions of your wait also effects and makes the tree uneasy

And the moment when the wait is over

Meeting the person after the long wait

Try to see the nature around you

Putting yourself somewhat away from yourself.

You will witness flowers dancing

Leaves singing

And branches swinging with joy

But for witnessing all these

You would need a strength in your waiting efforts

Making an effort to view all this is useless

It is a natural process

It is an evidence of untiring travel

That is the reason waiting is much more painful

Then forever parting from someone

Hey mother, I like to live in the emotional world of

Feelings and emotions

In the verge of struggle of expanding myself

Such feelings are not being suppresses, just wish to ensure

Or is it that the intensity of such feelings increases with me

Hey mother, if the supply of emotions and feelings is limited

As gifted by God

Where and how would I be able to distribute them all?

How many of my dear ones would be able to feel my emotions of all my feelings for them?


A real poetic Narendra Modi is seen in the stanza here. He is expressed his feelings of waiting with trees, leaves and flowers. He has expressed his belief in life in the universe and the whole universe flows as an energy. He has discussed that the moment the wait is over, you should see that the world around is also equally happy just like dancing flowers and singing trees. It is very good illustration just like a happy man can make many other people associated in his life happy. A person who can detach himself from the happiness of achievement and have an eye on the things happening around himself can notice that creation of universe are also happy with him.

The ups and downs in life faced with a hope in eyes of a person are illustrated in form of oceanic waves and trees. Narendra Modi then diverts the discussion towards his own feelings. He is afraid that the emotional Narendra Modi will not fade away in struggle of achieving things in life. He wishes to distribute all his feelings among his near and dear ones. We will see in the next stanzas, what his actual feelings are and how he is relating things to his near ones.

While going through sakshibhaav, I truly feel that only a poetic heart can understand human emotions with such indepth. He has not only understood the emotions, but explained them in his poetic imaginative way. Sometimes it leads me to think that why he dint write things directly and jotted down poems with such beautiful illustrations to discuss with Maa Jagdamba?

But when a person is synced with rhythm of nature his words start flowing with pen and emotions get deepened with compassion. Such was the case with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

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Sakshibhaav : Mata Ni Murti

Sakshibhaav : Mata Ni Murti Poem is very long expression of hopes, a light of fulfilling desires and then a sudden swipe to demolish all the dreams. Any person would totally break down in such circumstances. Narendra Modi opted to seek intervention of the divine power then to break down. Just like a Karma Yogi, he kept on doing his work and discussing his problems with his divine powers.

If fields are Dry and dull

If Soil is burnt with heat

In this situation, if the clouds start gathering In the sky

How many would start developing hopes

People would start dreaming with new, big and small dreams

But what if these clouds get shattered with a huge blow of wind

Oh, what difficult moment it would be?

A moment when a kid leaves from school for home

And a mother waiting for her kid to arrive

What an incomparable wait it is

Feet of mother keeps on bouncing between the home and verandah

After looking at every corner

A mother is not even able to visualize the crowded street

Her eyes keeps on looking only for her kid

Her ears are eager to hear “mother” from her kid

Do you know the eagerness to hear this?

Yes, this is the moment for eager ear

And what if the wait elongates by some seconds

Even the most silent moments become uneasy

Fast heartbeats of a mother can shake walls too

Her legs keep on moving

Her eyes become still with many possibilities

Wait and pain becomes the same

Yes, this is the intensity of waiting

Every human has same intensity of waiting

Maybe there is mild change in the intensity

Perhaps the expression is different

Maybe just like a newlywed bride, the pain of waiting is inexplicable


A pain of wait is very well expressed in the first part of this poem. Narendra Modi is a real poet heart with great observation. He has linked a wait of a mother for her kid. When a mother knows that her kid reaches home by particular time, she starts waiting for him. But if the wait becomes slightly elongated, she becomes so much worried for her kid. Her waiting turns out to be an anxious moment of pain, long thoughts of something unwanted happening. A mother always wishes to hear her kid’s voice after some interval of time. Narendra Modi has understood the pain of a mother, who is waiting for her kid.

Same are the feelings of a newly wedded bride, who is waiting for her groom after marriage. A girl who is just married eagerly waits for her groom to spend some time together after passing through huge rituals, gatherings and ceremonies and meetings. This waiting moments for a bride is like passing of an era.

He has also illustrated farmers waiting for rain after hot summer or drought, when the earth is burnt. The moment of hope building with the clouds and then the hopes shattering with a blow of wind.

Narendra Modi has illustrated these three forms of waiting in his poem. He has very well picked up the illustrations of normal life and put them in his words to best explain what waiting is and what can be the after effects of an elongated wait period. How terrible it is to wait? Even when a person is willing to achieve certain goals, he keeps on waiting and then sometimes losing the patience.

Narendra Modi might have some wish in his mind for which he is waiting to be fulfilled. To explain his desires and hopes to the divine, he has taken the illustration of farmers, mother and newly wedded bride.

We can further find out his poetic expression of the emotions in the sections ahead. Poetic expression of Narendra Modi once again proves that India and life in India is based on emotions. A PM who can understand emotions of the people can only work in getting better life for his people.

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India-Africa Summit 2015:India and Africa need to speak in one voice.

3rd India-African summit which is being held between 26 October and 30th October in New Delhi got some Desi flavors to the not so informal meeting. Highlight of the meeting was delegates and participating head of 54 African country dressed up in traditional Indian kurta giving all together a rich and vibrant shots for the photographers. With efforts from Ministry of external affairs, clothes of all the delegates were sewn well in advance, except President of Zimbawe Robert Mugabe, everyone were seen in traditional Kurta, Pyjamas, Bandi and Safas. First India-Africa summit was held in 2008, with 15 African country participating in it, this year turnout was highest among all the three summits held in past 7 years.

Indo Africa summit

African country heads dressed up in traditional Indian kurta on the the 3rd India-Africa Summit in New Delhi.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the inaugural ceremony of the 3rd India-Africa Summit 2015. Modi in his speech said, “Two-thirds of India and two-thirds of Africa is under the age of 35 years. And, if the future belongs to the youth, then this century is ours to shape and build.” Modi also reflected on the relationship between both India and Africa that stretches way back in history and spoke at length about how the current leaders can get together to strengthen it further to improve the lives of the people. He talked about various leaders of Africa and India like Mandella and Mahatma Gandhi who bridged the gap between both the nations and also spoke about common Indian Ocean link which has fostered trade between India and Africa.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced compensational credit of about $10 million over the next 5 years for Africa. This is going to be in addition to India’s ongoing credit programs.

Modi also announced a grant assistance of $600 million, which includes India-Africa Development Fund of $100 million and India-Africa Health Fund of $10 million.

Narendra Modi talked in detail about reforms required in United Nations including Security Council, he said India and Africa need to speak in one voice. Trade between India and Africa has doubled in past decade to over $70 billion, Modi also emphasized on duty free access given to 34 African countries and immense opportunity India offer in investment and manufacturing industries.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said “both countries, India and Kenya, are victims of terrorism” and New Delhi and Nairobi should “widen” anti-terrorism and security cooperation. He asked for Indian help in capacity building and better information exchange between governments. In response Minister of External affairs Sushma Swaraj, agreed for the required assistance and during the bilateral meetings with her counterparts from Africa, she also pitched for permanent seat to India and South Africa in the UNSC. She said, “Although Indians and Africans comprise nearly 2.5 billion people, our nations continue to be excluded from appropriate representation in the institutions of global governance. India and Africa can no longer be excluded from their rightful place of the permanent membership of the UN Security Council,”.

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Modi Express Launched in UK

Indian Community groups in the UK have been eagerly waiting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to their nation. On 11th Oct. 2015, they have launched bus named as “Modi Express” for a month long tour. With this, they want to pay regards to Indian PM on account of his first ever visit to Great Britain. It will take the travelers to roam around various iconic landmarks and to mark Prime Minister Mr. Modi’s Maiden Visit to Great Britain in November month. PM Narendra Modi is expected to visit London on 12th Nov. 2015 for three days.

UK House of Lords, Lord Dolar Popat inaugurated ‘Modi Express’ bus in an Indian style with Tradition coconut breaking ceremony at Leicester. He said, “This bus launch is a great example of the UK and India in bringing people together for a positive cause. We are looking forward to see the members from across our communities coming together and supporting each other. I hope all of you will get the chance to participate and support for ‘Modi Mania’ Event in the UK.”

Britain’s longest-serving Indian-origin parliamentarian, Mr. Keith Vaz has also encouraged people to travel in Modi Express. He said that you can forget the smart card or oyster card at home, but please do not forget to carry Modi Card along with to join Modi Express Bus.

The Brent Council Leader, Mr. Muhammad Butt also stated that he is eagerly waiting to welcome Mr. Narendra Modi in Brent. There will be a great enthusiasm among all the community members at Wembley Stadium.

The bus will have its first stop at Ealing Road, Wembley is also known as Little India followed by Trafalgar Square to celebrate Diwali. Mayuri Parmar of “UK Welcomes Modi” organizing committee, said “We have had ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ in India in India, now we will have ‘Bus Pe Charcha’ in the UK. We will have a fantastic line up for the cultural activities showing the best of Indian and UK talent collaborating dance, music, culture and theatre from both countries in an extraordinary way that has never been done before.

Almost 60,000 People to attend “UK Welcomes Modi” Event:

There will be around 60000 people who will join ‘UK Welcomes Modi’ Event in Wembley Stadium in Britain. Almost 400 organizations have registered to become ‘Welcome Partners’ to accord a grand welcome to Mr. Modi on Olympics style reception event at Wembley Stadium on 13th Nov. 2015. All age groups, including 2 month old to 100 years old are eagerly waiting to acknowledge Modi’s Magic in the UK. People from suburban towns, remote Dundee to Plymouth and 250 cities have applied for obtaining invitations for this great event. The entry tickets will be distributed from Wembley Stadium from next week onwards.

Coordinator of Modi Express Bus, Mr. Nitin Palan stated that the people can also book their tickets online and the website for the same will become active by next week. Almost 15 lakh Indians living in the UK will participate in Wembley Stadium Function that will culminate in a grand fireworks display.

The organizers from EIF (Europe India Forum) have decided to provide a limited number of extra tickets for Modi’s Event from tomorrow until 28th Oct. to allow people to register themselves for the Great Event. EIF also stated that there is already an overwhelming response by people to attend this event. Due to unprecedented demand, they will release extra tickets for the community reception titled as ‘Two Great Nation, One Glorious Future’ in the honor of Mr. Modi at Wembley Stadium. This will be the biggest community reception for any foreign elected leader on the British soil.  When the deadlines for the public registration will get closed, people can get the set of extra tickets by booking online at

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