Sakshibhaav : Chirta hriday ni vedna – agony of the torn heart

The title is making it very clear that the entire write up is about something unexpected, some sad event is discussed in it. Seeing the way it is written, the poet has lost his poetic way of writing in the entire write up. He is totally covered with the fear of some unexpected situation.  

Sakshibhaav : Chirta hriday ni vedna – agony of the torn heart- English Translation

From today morning itself, I am feeling fresh 

The determination to shun the physical illness has got successful 

I wish to shun the mental illness too 

It will be possible only with your benevolence 

Even after all these 

Why, I can hear a scream of agony of heart deep down inside? 

Why the condition of the heart is just like 

3rd and 4th December? 

The whole day is spent out in making efforts 

Then why it so now? 

Is it that some unexpected thing is happening? 

Are these the signs of some negative happenings? 

Is it that something is being looted? 


Hey mother, there are innumerable questions arising in my mind like ghosts 

Hey mother, I have total trust in you 

Such questions have not risen just like that 

The agony of a heart being torn, is just like that 

I am not ready to believe this 

Definitely, you are trying to indicate me something 


But mother, I am a human 

I am such human, who is getting emotionally poor each day 

It is becoming very difficult for me to understand 

Any kind of indications given by you 


Why are you making me do such deep introspection? 

Definitely, some inauspicious event is going to happen.. 

But mother, I have an idea 

That all this is not totally unexpected 

But, Why I am not able to see the totally clear picture? 


Anyways, mother, you have decided to make me unhappy 

Mother, anyways, I am destined to tolerate in this life 

But mother, I have trust in your righteousness 

Someday I will be able to gain a proper state of mind 

Mother, what else can I do, 

Then handing over everything in your hand? 

Commentary :

In this sakshibhaav write up, he has repeatedly addressed Maa Jagdamba, which is clearly giving an idea of the immense fear and pain he is passing through. Just like a small kid seeks his mother’s abode in situations of fear and agony, same way Narendra Modi is asking Maa Jagdamba on what is going to happen.  

When the day was about to start he has stated that he is very happy and he is feeling very fresh. He expresses his determination to come out of mental fears and once again he deeps into the state of fear and pain.  

He has experienced so much suffering in life that he feels that his present birth is only meant for passing through pain. On one hand, he is expressing his fear and on the other hand, he has immense faith in the Goddess. Even though he is getting dragged in pain of the fear, he has caught the edge of faith tightly.  

Whenever he is expressing his grief, he immediately mentions that he has never lost his trust. This trust in itself is a big motivational factor for any positive person to face the toughest situation.  

Seeing his previous state of mind and seeing today’s Narendra Modi, we can only say what an upliftment! With so many years of question and answers with the almighty, he has gained a clear vision. Perhaps, he has understood his life purpose. The strength that he has acquired as a person or as a politician in inexplicable.  

At the age of 64, where an average Indian retires from their duty and believes to live a life with minimum activity, this person called Narendra Modi is working in a way, even a youth will feel ashamed of self.  

People question against Modi’s world tours, but if a sharp eye person will observe, he is not sparing any time to take a rest.

He is completing his purpose and returning back in record times and again getting back to work. It seems as if, he wishes to complete as much work as he can in his period as India and Indian politics are only about dirty politics and no work.  

 Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh


India-France Business Summit: PM Narendra Modi Hails Growing Friendship with France

On 24 January 2016, Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi met with President of France Mr. Francois Hollande in Chandigarh, India. PM Modi received France President Mr. Hollande at the Rock Garden, Chandigarh. Along with PM Modi, other members like Haryana Governor Shri Kaptan Singh Solanki and Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal Khattar and MP of Chandigarh Smt. Kirron Kher were also present. France President Mr. Hollande is on three days tour to India and he will be the Special Chief Guest of 67th Republic Day Celebrations. Both Leaders took a round of Rock Garden where various monuments were created with the waste materials by its founder Nek Chand. The joint visit to the Capitol Complex which is designed by Corbusier, the Art Gallery and the Government Museum at Sector 10 were also the important part of their engagements, where President of France Mr. Hollande was given a colorful welcome with Bhangra and Gidda by dancers of Punjab.

france president in chandigarh

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi stated, “Honoured and delighted to have French President as the Chief Guest for Republic Day celebrations”

Both nations committed to closer ties for the business and combating terrorism. While addressing the India-France Business Summit, PM Modi said that both countries had huge potential to work together in various fields. Total 25 CEOs of French and Indian companies attended this business summit.

Mr. Modi said, “Business & economic ties are a vital component of India-French ties. Had a fruitful meeting with CEOs in Chandigarh.”

PM Modi appreciated the efforts of France in order to coordinate for the CoP-21 Negotiations. He also discussed about the conversation with the President Hollande over phone when they shared the outlines of this proposal agreement, before the final announcement. Along with this, he also recalled the terror attack in Paris a few days before Cop-21 meeting and said that France has shown significant ways to combat terrorism without deviating from its major principles. For this cause, India will always stand shoulder to shoulder with you to fight against terrorism.

Shri Narendra Modi also discussed about the complementaries between France and India and stated that both nations are in fact made for each other. In addition, he also focused on the cyber security systems, defense and security sector. PM Modi stated that the talent and dedication of India and ultimate manufacturing skills of France can together make this whole world a more secure place.

PM Narendra Modi stated that many French companies are well invested in our country and we had a lot to avail in terms of talented workforce and as a market for various French products. Earlier, retrospective tax was the major concern but now it is a closed chapter. He also discussed about the International Solar Alliance and the initiatives of Mission Innovation, which includes the efforts of India, US and France. There were total 17 MoUs and agreements that were exchanged between two nations at the Summit in which one was concerned with the development of Chandigarh as a smart city.

PM Narendra Modi said that we want to work closely with France. The whole world has recognized India as a good investment destination. When India’s talent and the manufacturing skills of France will jointly come for a cause, then it will achieve a lot in every commercial field. The trust and friendship with France is an important asset to us.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said, “India is the fastest growing economy in the world. We have the labour and the market for your products.”

The main agenda of Indo-French CEO Forum is the sector that comprises Defense, Green Economy, Infrastructure, Financial Matters, Smart Cities, Transportation and Water Supplies.

Along with this, the two leaders also visited to the Art Gallery and Government Museum where they viewed the archaeological findings from the foothills of the Himalayas that suggest the possibility of Human Activity dating back to 2.6 million years ago. It makes them one of the oldest remnants of Human Existence. This was discovered after the extensive research and collaboration between the Society of Archaeological and Anthropological Research of Chandigarh and the Prehistory Department of the National Museum of Natural History of France undertaken under the auspices of an “Agreement of Collaboration between Society for Archaeological & Anthropological Research, India and French Museum of National History.

This discovery includes around 1500 fossil finds that comprise 200 quartzite tools found from several locations over 50 acres land in Masol region near Chandigarh. Many articles were published related to this research work. Shri Narendra Modi also congratulated the Indo French team for the joint research work that leads to the major discovery of the world. Both leaders also underlined the successful bilateral collaboration that defined the long standing cultural tied between France and India to rediscover, preserve and promote the cultural heritage shared by both. These kinds of discoveries will lend further momentum for more joint endeavors between two nations in the future.

Contributor: Sunpreet Kaur



Fasal Bima Yojana – Farmer Friendly Insurance Scheme introduced by PM Modi

India is basically an agricultural country. Our forefathers were excellent agriculturist and have introduced many new crops to this world. We have been practicing excellent farming methods in the past. But as technology’s hand started over ruling every part of the world, it showed its ugly face (though there are many advantages too) on the agricultural development of India.

Everyone would have observed the increase in farmer suicides over the past decade across all states of India. The reasons were many and to quote a few

  • Issues of weather and climate. Not enough rainfall, unseasonal rains, extreme weather conditions

  • Agricultural lands being converted into real estate. More over real estate prices have gone up and owning a farming land is very expensive

  • Because of bad farming practices the land has become less productive

  • Best farming practices not in use

  • Market being down which fetches very low price for the crops

Considering these challenges farmers face, though other solutions are being considered, PM Modi decided to introduce insurance coverage and financial support to farmers and hence “Pradhan Mantri Fasl Bima Yojana” came into vogue.

On January 13th 2016, to mark the celebration of harvest festival in many parts of India like Lohri, Pongal and Sankarathi, PM Modi announced this insurance scheme. He wrote to the farmers of India saying that many steps have been taken in the past 16 months to save and protect the farmers and one of them is this insurance scheme. He also added that though there were many schemes in the past for the sake of farmers, this is more “farmer friendly” in terms of low premium rates, more localised coverage etc. PM tweeted that it was government’s gift to the farmers on the occasion of festivals of Lohri, Pongal and Bihu.

The main objectives of this scheme are:

  •  To provide insurance coverage and financial support to the farmers in the event of failure of any of the notified crop as a result of natural calamities, pests & diseases.
  •  To stabilise the income of farmers to ensure their continuance in farming.
  •  To encourage farmers to adopt innovative and modern agricultural practices.
  •  To ensure flow of credit to the agriculture sector.

There was report by Home Ministry which presented the fact that in the year 2015, across India, 207 districts were hit by draught which affected the basic life of the farmers. They faced a great loss as cultivation was hugely affected due to lack of water. Added to that 300 districts didn’t get proper rainfall and this added to their woes. Farmers couldn’t come out of the distress as they neither had a strong financial support nor a good insurance to cover their loss. This lead to farmers’ suicide, which we experienced in large numbers for the past three years in all states with suicide numbers in Maharashtra being maximum.

Considering all these facts based on the report, PM Modi along with his cabinet of ministers with the help of all the states, insurance companies and farmers designed this new insurance scheme to bring down or rather completely eradicate the suicides. The farmers across the country has welcomed the new scheme with open heart because of the benefits it is offering.

Let us understand some basic difference between the previous insurance scheme and the present scheme:

basic difference between the previous insurance scheme and the present scheme.

 Some more features of the Fasal Bima Yojana:

  • Full sum insured offered to the farmers ( which was not the case previously)

  • Post-harvest losses are also taken care in this scheme; losses which happen during storage of crops

  • All types of crop like Kharif crops (summer crop), Rabi crops(winter crop), horticulture crops and commercial crops will be at a lesser premium rated which is discounted from existing rates.

  • The premium to be paid for Kharif season crops is 2% of sum insured while for Rabi crops it is 1.5 % and oil seeds also come under this category.

  • The premium rates for commercial crops like cotton and other horticultural crops will be 5 % of the insurance sum assured.

  • To make the process fast, quick and efficient technology has been put into use by the government and farmers are also urged to use a good system to get maximum benefit out of the scheme.

  • AIC is going to handle this insurance and the whole process of premium collection, maintenance of insurance accounts and disbursement of money are all made into e commerce based operation to avoid manual error and for a fraud free system


Sakshibhaav : Eshah Panthah – This is the only path part-2

After seeing the immense pain of a poet, observing the worldly way of living. The way a human runs for life. The way a human burns himself to achieve something. That something is actually nothing. But he just keeps on running. In this run, he forgets himself and others behind him. He forgets the real value of being a human. A human starts using a human. This has become a real foundation of relations of today.  


A human exploits another human 

By raising a range of words 

And that is only and only  

For the fulfillment of own desire 

There is nothing more to it 

Everyone wishes to achieve  

And that is also the reason  

That some people cover themselves with the cover of dedication 

Hey mother, is it that a human mind can get abnormal up to this limit? 

Isn’t it possible to achieve a human, without any expectation, and 

With Simplicity, ease, unbiased, pure and clear heart? 

Is the path towards such expectation difficult? 

In any way, satisfaction of life, this is life – this is faith 

If this satisfaction is not able to connect a human and a mind of humanity  

Then where will it stop? 

Now a man is not ready to raise himself from selfishness, 

A man is not even ready to raise himself above the Maya created by self and lead a life 

Isn’t there any satisfaction to lead a life above the level of using other people? 

If this is the truth, then why a human finds a need to study religion in the latter half of his life? 

Isn’t it so that throughout the lifetime, keeping an intact identity of self, 

To create a world of own imagination, 

To bring to life the dream seen by self, 

A web created by using big words, 

Whatever efforts have been made 

To keep the “Me” intact,  

A person would have done so off of many kinds and things 

Even in the name of giving, he would not have done anything  

Apart from the desire to enjoy something 

That is the reason people search  

The measure to save themselves in the name of religion, 

In the latter half of their lives 

In just the same way a human has been a material,  

Is it that religion is also the same? 

Hey mother, I strive a lot to achieve a human  

In the real manner, the way he is 

Without any expectations 

Give the strength to gain a human by being like a human 

Where there is no give and take 

Where there is no illusion created with soft words 

Hey mother, I don’t wish to prove anything 

I wish to dedicate myself (offer self) 

This is my only path to achieve the real height of human life 

I can’t even imagine a human as a material ever. 



In Sakshibhaav poem Eshah Pantha,Narendra Modi has deeply analyzed human behavior. He has very well understood the needs, achievement, parameters and final outcomes of the human race. He says that a human raises an emotional surroundings around him for his own benefits. Relations today also are like this. Every relation is a way to achieve something.  

He considers all these as the actual abnormal behavior of humans. Yes, it is true. Because purpose of human life is totally different compared to the way, a human is running to achieve things. Even when a person shows that he is totally dedicated towards someone that is also the reason to achieve something for the self.  

He says that now humans are not ready to think beyond a certain level. They have themselves created a strong web of attachments and now they are not able to rise from it. They actually don’t wish to give up anything.  

He finally describes his desire to achieve a human heart without any expectation, without any selfish tendency, or without any malignity.  

So are the thoughts of Narendra Modi in 1986. Perhaps being Indian Prime Minister, he is rightly at the right place as per his thoughts. He wished to achieve love for nothing and the days the world will remember him as a face changer of India, Indians could not give him anything else except love.  

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh




Narendra Modi’s visit to Sikkim and Assam

Assam sees a new hope in what seems a political breakthrough before the assmbly elections. Coalition between the BJP and BPF for the assembly election to be held in April this year has drawn enough eyeballs considering diverse ideologies and earlier nearness towards Congress. BPF had helped Congress form Government in 2006. Out of 14 Lok sabha seats, BJP had managed to win seven seats in 2013 which was earlier considered as a hard nut to crack for Bhartiya Janta Party. Narendra Modi has always given due impetus to the northeastern states and their contribution towards the nation building. Considering rich biodiversity, flora and fauna, northeastern states is a rich source for spices, minerals, teak, timber and other woods.

Narendra Modi in his about 40 minutes long speech in Kokrajhar on 19th January, 2016 announced the government’s decision to grant Scheduled Tribe status to Bodo people residing in the state’s two hill districts and also to Karbi tribals living in the plains. Demand for granting Scheduled Trib status to seven other communities will be looked upon as well. Narendra Modi made several other announcements, which included re-opening of the Rupshi airport, granting deemed university status to the Central Institute of Technology in Kokrajhar and, as also providing more funds for various other developmental projects which has been long stading.

Earlier on 18th January, Narendra Modi inaugurated Sikkim Organic festival and addressed the Plenary Session of the National Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, at Gangtok in Sikkim. Modi also presented a certificate to the States Chif minister Pawan Kumar Chamling and appreciated his efforts for making Sikkim 100 percent organic farming state in the country. Sikkim has 7096 square km of total land area, organic farming which was implemented by Pawan Chambling in 2010 saw vehement participation from the locals which had to depend on other states for the food supplies like food and vegetables. Sikkim was able to achieve this feat within 5 years.

The Prime Minister Modi digitally launched the logo of “Sikkim Organic.” He also launched three new Orchid species developed in Sikkim. The Prime Minister handed over to Shri Pawan Chamling, two commendations for its journey towards total organic farming. Two districts of Sikkim was also handed commendation by Modi for achieving 100 percent coverage of soil health cards.

In his address in Gangtok, the Prime Minister paid homage to former Governor of Sikkim, Shri Rama Rao. He praised Sikkim Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling for his vision of welfare for farmers and tribes. Modi also comforted people of Sikkim and said his Government is willing to provide all necessary fund and government support for development of the state. He said the welfare and development issues raised by the Chief Minister would be taken seriously and looked into by the Union Government.

Narendra Modi also indicated Gangtok getting airport services soon. While addressing a conference of Agriculture Ministers of states, he said an airport in the state will not only boost tourism but also help in quick transportation of Sikkim’s organic flowers and other products to other states and global market. Flowers from Sikkim has been well known worldwide for their varieties and essence. Narendra Modi also thanked and complimented people of Gangtok for making their city one of the cleanest in India which can become a role model for other cities as well.

g2Contributor: Shivaji Singh