How does it sound, when well-equipped nations of the world, request India to rescue their citizens from Yemen? It is a positive sign for any Indian to recognize that Indians are now safe in any part of the world. On the world platform, it is not simple for any nation to request other nation for conducting rescue operation for their citizens. By Monday India evacuated 3000 of the 4000 Indian citizens from Yemen and by that time 26 nations of the world has requested India to help them in their rescue operations. To name few of from the list such as USA, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Indonesia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many more. Though Pakistan has not directly asked for help. Both the nations have played real Bhai – Bhai by rescuing each other’s citizens in their own ways.

The rescue operation in yemen was named as Operation Rahat. On 31st March, India sent V.K. Singh, senior Minister and former chief of Indian Army to take charge of Mission and ensure safe return of citizens. Narendra Modi talked with King of Saudi Arabia to help in evacuation of citizens. This is where India’s open approach and Narendra Modi’s cordial visits are helping the nation.

“Seamless co-operation between organizations—ministry of external affairs, navy, air force, Air India, shipping, railways and state governments—greatly helped in rescue work,” Narendra Modi said on April 6.

Indian Air Force airlifted 1144 evacuees and transferred them to Djibouti near Somalia. Air India, lifted 488 people through special flights. Air India has used two Air Bus A320 and a Boeing 777. Indian Army used two C-17 Globe masters. Indian Air force has brought 358 people back to India in a single day.

India Shipping Corporation and Indian Navy also took part in rescue operation. INS Tarkash and INS Sumitra were used by Navy. Shipping Corporation sent Karvatti and Coral shipping vessels for the rescue.

Indian Railways also offered immense support in transporting evacuees to reach their home from Mumbai or Kochi, where they were landed in India.

With this we can make out that India and Indians are now coming out of the personal egos and have started learning to work in cooperative environment. A seamless involving all prime departments of the government shows the willingness to work and the motivation teams had to save the country men.

There is also a very heart touching story of a Yemen national woman married to an Indian man, who has a kid. She tweeted safe return to her kid, as she won’t be able to join them, not being Indian citizen. A series of tweets between Sushma Swaraj and Sabah Shawesh were there. Where Sabah was also brought to India, after completing all the legal activities by Indian government with her baby. Finally, we could see a foreign national tweeting Jai Hind.

Since Air space of Yemen is declared as No Fly Zone, it was very difficult to evacuate the citizens. A detailed joint operation by Navy, Army and Air Force made it possible to rescue citizens from Yemen.

This is where, we are seeing changes in our nation and government. A zest to work and serve nationals for their well-being in India as well as out of India. Also to help the citizens.

Kerala government is giving 2000 Rs to each person reaching Kochi and Maharashtra government gave 3000 Rs to each one reaching Mumbai. Indian railways has arranged for food and free tickets to reach their homes.

Any Indian would feel great to know the way fellow Indians are rescued. Now Indians can have a relaxed state of mind that their government is always there to help them. If anything will happen, they won’t be treated as they belong to nowhere. This is what Indians wanted actual action and no lectures. Other nations coming to ask for help is also in a way declaring success of our policy Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. If we are able to see such changes in a year, we can expect much more in future. Remembering rescue of Gujarati Businessmen from China by Narendra Modi, when he was not having power of nation in his hand.



Contributor: Twinkle Parekh