Among others, Indian Premier, Narendra Modi inherits a very sensitive internal issue of implementing long-awaited one-rank, one-pension (OROP) policy for ex-servicemen that was not addressed by previous regimes till date. Either they did not understand it fully or deliberately shifted to the next government that is PM Modi’s. In this context, many protests were staged by the war veterans without any repercussion of the sort on the part of the consecutive past governments but PM’s drastic action pacifies the long-lasting unrest amongst the pensioners in India. In fact, the soldiers retired before 2006 received less pension emoluments than their levels and even juniors when the OROP scheme clearly clarifies that the same emoluments of pension will be enjoyed by those having same rank and length of service irrespective of their date of retirement.

The action of PM is admirable because it entails deep political foresightedness. The predecessors are always as a role model for their successors. And these military personnel might be a good fit tool in the erection of a true political spectrum for a party or a Political celebrity like Prime Minister. Mr. Prime Minister is also the Indian Chief Executive of the Government. Such prescience goes a long way in setting a milestone in the role of a clique as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its leadership. This action of PM’s Administration not only facilitates a genuinely deserving social class of the state but also reflects upon an abysmal gesture of welfare of common masses on the part and personality PM. They can win all future prospects if spirit of accommodation is shown in every matter concerning national interest and integration. No doubt, this action seems to have been initiated in favor of the futurity and party activists especially in a state like India where democracy is so much deep rooted. The political stakeholders at national and international political scenario term this action next to the actions taken in United Kingdom or the United States of America (top 5 democracies) where the electoral are a pillar and property of the statesmanship.

To address grievances of the common people is the first and foremost responsibility of a representative government. No obligation. But even if gauged in this perspective, the action of the government of the Premier truly represents aspirations of depressed superannuation in the society. And it is hailed not only in the local press or media but also it creates its place at international political layout by further promoting the cause of the prevalence of democracy both currently and in future. Impartially speaking, in all democratically advanced societies in Europe, Asia and elsewhere the leadership leaves a precedent for all other states in general and in the neighboring states in particular and for successors as well.

Military personnel even after retirement come under State Emergency Service and are liable to be called back in the field any time and to facilitate them must be a common approach to every government in the helm of affairs or supposed to assume office in the future. In all democratic and political entities of the world this inseparable social organ is kept at the upper level of mind. Because soldiers are a class who paints state history with their blood and is ever ready to say “Yes” at every command.

No doubt, everything is done under the permission of State Economy but for a special purpose/purposes provision is sought so as to ensure the progress and prosperity of state and the subjects within its walls. To the contrary, India is a state that consists of over 110 million populations, to plan and practice whose economy is a gigantic task but the Administration do have all-out aptitude and capacity to deal with any problem to access a right solution to what it is confronted with.

Prime Minister has yet an extensive tenure ahead of him to launch more plans and policies to mold the situation very strategically to meeting all the challenges. If he remains constant and conversant with his purpose in consistency and clarity, the goal is not too far. Though he has held lower posts in the past but has collected years of excellence in political experience. Therefore, nothing should impede his way towards the achievement of his true goals with reference to transforming India into an Ideal State, as there exists extreme adversity in proportion to her population and resources.

Today every eye in Bharat is at the performance and line of action of Prime Minister Modi’s Government and same time, it expects beyond limit of PM thus it becomes incumbent upon his Administration to let the people watch him coming up to their expectations transforming the odor and the odds into new and nutritious state.