It has been a year of this Government and everyone is so busy in analyzing about all the year end performance of Modi Government. It is very good to be willing to know what government is doing and in which direction they are heading our nation. Every media channels are being graced with the panel of “whose who” from the political and social world who are finally evaluating these 365+ days of this majority government. Amidst this clamor, Narendra Modi is being criticized and eulogize for his one year tenure because this man was the reason of this grand change in our political scenario. In this article, we are going to read and understand about 11 negative perceptions about Modi which needs to change.

  1. Dictator: Narendra Modi has a strong personality and that makes him called a dictator. For sticking up on his decisions. Media and rivals always imposed him as an autocrat who always wants to be in charge. On the contrary, Narendra Modi is a person who walks with the group of people who are willingly working towards nation’s success. India is one of the largest democracies of the world and its leader needs to be a strong headed person who can deal over the critical issues with other countries representatives. A less effective personality would only bring a negative attitude towards India.
  2. Self-Absorbed: One common perception about Modi is that he always talks about himself. I am little amazed with this negative acuity for him as we are little known about his personal life. Narendra Modi has always been clandestine about his personal life. His family still live as a common people instead of VVIP status unlike other politicians and their relatives. The major drawback in following the common phenomenon is we always get delusional with the words. Modi is not a self-absorbed instead he is a self-descriptive about his works and policies. Over the years thousands of policies have been passed in files and we are aware of few one’s so if we are being informed about all the past, present and future policies and visions of government then how it can impose negative impact on county, it is beyond understanding. By saying a tea seller can be a prime minister is not a thing to get popularity because he already owns millions of hearts, it is an inspiration for others as any unfavorable situation can not hinder your path of success.
  3. He talks about his Work a lot: Your kid has scored 98% marks and you are so proud to tell everyone about this so what we are supposed to call it? You talk a lot about the things you are proud. As a leader of any constituency, State or a Country, it is his/her exam to get succeed with flying colors. We live in a democracy where we elect a leader for his work and ideas, not for his dynasty or surname. If we wouldn’t be aware of the person we are choosing, it wouldn’t be a fair selection. We know work speaks and to give it a language, one need to be elaborative. When as a part of society, on our simplest achievement we like to be noticed because we are establishing a trust factor, then a leader needs it a lot more.
  4. Development is just in Manifesto: Many Modi critics and oppositions are being very loud in pointing out this as a huge drawback of this government. Quite times we get so prejudiced and despair about the current situations and we lose hope. The hope of development, Hope of progress. It is a great country with enormous possibilities of reforms and to give these wings, we need to be hopeful and positive. In a year a country cannot be transformed, it takes time but just to understand the kinetics of developments, we should know current stage. Within a year, we are realizing the number of new developmental schemes from Make in India to Jan Dhan Yojana to Insurance Policies to treaties signed with different countries. Report card of this government definitely has no D’s. F’s and red lines.
  5. He is a Traveler: Narendra Modi has set an example by visiting many countries where from decades no Indian Prime Minister had been visited. As a leader of a democracy, why do we expect him to stay in the country and bringing the globe at our doorstep. To reach out somewhere, we need to take the first step and that’s what he is doing. Narendra Modi is not visiting countries for holidays but to bring trade and technology to cater our nation. Over the years, we have been only a seller market and consumers for the world. He is trying to flip the cards. Remember from the day he took the oath, he didn’t go for vacations for a single day.
  6. Dressing Style: That is something which should not be in the list of negative perception, but unfortunately it is. Media has been very kind to bring this unreasonable issue in the limelight. If a Prime Minister is assertive for his looks then it could be negative news in India. In other countries, it a matter of proud to see his leader well dressed up and fit but in India it is shameful though. If US President dresses up nicely, he captured the attention of media but in a good way but here it gets hard to be presentable. How many of us do not want to look good when we are meeting impactful personalities? How much does it matter to discuss these petty issues over global issues and development?
  7. He uses Media: Out of all these, it makes me a little smile. Who is using who? It is definitely a matter of research. Narendra Modi does not allow media persons to go along with him for his foreign visits. Narendra Modi for his election campaigning and for sending his messages to youth used one impactful source of media i.e. social media. He does not use the conservative medium of media. He went two steps ahead to reach out to the masses. He is active on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis. He also uses his website where he invites suggestions and complaints of any citizen. To reach distant parts of villages, he uses Akashvani with his popular program “Mann Ki Baat”. But instead of paying and using media, he made it part of his working to get connected with his followers and critics both.
  8. Photo Opportunistic: This term is being very popular after Modi’s active lifestyle. Narendra Modi, since a regular user of Social media, he always had this idea of sending messages out to the society of his every work, meeting and progresses. He wanted to bring our youth together and for that he needed a connectivity which catered by this medium. Every revolution needs a massive support and to win this support one needs to be in front of those who are looking at him for the change. Meetings with foreign personals became so highlighted by global media due to his magnificent personality. Selfie craze has topped in the chart where everyone wanted to be part of one capture with him.
  9. Communal: It has been a past now but sometimes this past haunts periodically to demolish his image of “Man of Action”. When opposition loses its edge, they fire back with this accusation. Narendra Modi always addressed 125 Crore brothers and sisters, he never excludes minority from his speeches, plans and policies. These tricks only have been played to disrupt his positive outlook towards future.
  10. Good Event Manager: On the contrary, I found it positive perception rather than a negative one. We need a man who can manage this abrupt system of our governmental structure. Managing a country is far difficult task to manage an event so if we are getting a leader who is skilled to take our nation to the pinnacle then we should be proud of that rather than being a critical.
  11. He is Pro Corporate: Modi acclaimed as a pro corporate and a nearer to many corporate families by his critics. As a Chief Minister, he made Gujarat a model state by increasing trade and businesses which probably brought this tag. Modi always emphasized on being a boss of yourselves. In India we are moving towards service sector and our most of the demographic percentage engaged and heading towards this. We should encourage industries and manufacturing in India to increase employment within the country. Modi always stresses on being independent and “Make in India” and “MUDRA” are few initiatives to excel in manufacturing and entrepreneurial sector.

Despite of all these negative perceptions, millions of hopes are still linked with our Prime Minister who is elating our expectations for better India. We just need to free ourselves with old prejudices to see the silver lining.



Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi