Q. On questioning about empowering of bureaucracy, related to going back to their states and assessing themselves and what about the final outcome, let us see what Narendra Modi has to say.

Ans. Narendra Modi tries to explain in very worldly context that trusting someone and then assigning the task can actually be more fruitful then scolding. He explains it well that if there is a ditch on a road media takes a picture and video, post it in newspaper or upload it. It takes hardly two minutes. But the person who is actually repairing it has to bring the necessary items to spot and work on it. It takes minimum 24 hours. “Pehle itna to space dena padega”. In our words, Narendra Modi understands human tendency and he is implementing it very well seeing the present conditions. It is difficult for any human to face sudden changes and ultimate outcome is retaliation. In case, if you want performance from same people, you have to understand their condition, motivate them and give them space to operate. He is openly telling in media that he is satisfied with performance of his bureaucrats, which will in turn motivate them to perform well.

Q. Questions related to business community and unrest among them related to taxes, Narendra Modi talks about, whether his government is able to create a difference or not.

Ans. Narendra Modi clears out that his government is first working for common man. His priority is poor. The objective of the government is to run good governance through dynamic and seamless operations. Results are visible in all sectors and the government has implemented some policies for the welfare of businesses, it is that they have to come forward to take the benefits.

PM questions that media is publicizing Congress for blaming BJP being business house oriented. And on the other hand same media is blaming BJP for levying taxes on businesses and difficult to operate situations. It is like media says BJP government is for industrialists and industrialists say BJP is doing nothing for them.

Narendra Modi’s objective is to run a policy driven government, which is equal for all. If there is no red tape for Mukesh Ambani then there should be no red tape for common people. The government wishes to have a good governance for all. Just like his straight forward attitude, he says that my government has made policies, if you feel you can fit in it, you can come forward and if not then stay where you are.  He knows it well that private sector is still stuck in legal issues such as taxes, duty inversions and selective exemptions. He said that his government has tried to clear all these issues in budget 2015 – 2016 and correction at overall level. Such steps are very much important for creating jobs and opportunities for millions. Seeing the far sightedness, if businesses and industries will grow in the country, it can create more jobs and employments. He repeats that if people will take one step towards growth, the government will take two steps to support them.

From the last two questions in chat with Hindustan times, we have tried to analyse our views related to actions of Narendra Modi. With his each answer, we can make out the depth of his management skill and his views related to the poor section of Indian community, towards the industries and the overall development of nation with support towards industries. For the trust and empowerment of bureaucrats, his reign in Gujarat has seen his strictness for performance after his sessions of motivations and showing trust. He himself works till 2 in the night and makes the government employees work with their optimum output. Many business houses in Gujarat has flourished and at the same time, overall Gujarat has seen great progress. So we can see that his ideology of working at the root cause by understanding people and human tendency.

Whole nation wanted Gujarat model to be implemented at the time of election for their own progress. In a way, Gujarat model is only under implementation with new foreign policies, defense with vast world level approach. He has reigned in Gujarat for 13 years and shown results within that time. At the time, people were not expecting any magic wand kind of implementation from him and no change just a new CM was the mentality of the people of Gujarat. He performed and won the love of people, but at level of India, after seeing his performance at Gujarat, people are expecting magic wand performance at the level, where there is no transparency, whole nation is led with corrupt government policies. We are seeing changes in ten months and we should also show trust in the same way for at least next 4 years.



Contributor: Twinkle Parekh