Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi uses technology for spreading his news. Today he launched the ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’. It is an application that will provide updates of the Prime Minister. It will give information of the latest activities. Shri Narendra Modi will provide an opportunity using advanced technology. It receives messages. You can send emails directly to Shri Narendra Modi. There is a chance to earn badges for contribution in to-do tasks.

Using this amazing mobile app, you can tune-in and listen to previously recorded ‘Mann ki Baat’ programs of Prime Minister Modi. You can go through his blogs. You can get a good understanding of him at the Biography section. This is a great tool of public relations by Sri Narendra Modi.

You will get a holistic view of Sri Narendra Modi from this app. You will get information on the initiatives and achievements of the Union Government. There is an ‘infographics’ section.

On June 17, 2015, Sri Modi tweeted that an individual can download this app to avail some new features. Play Store is a platform where anybody can download this app. He also invites feedback from the users. Please visit 

The app contains features like News, Read it later, interact with PM, messages from PM, To-Do Tasks, Mann Ki Baat, Social Buzz, Blogs, Speeches, Interviews, Biography, Governance, Global Recognition, Infographics.

Our PM is quite tech savvy. He has launched a mobile app on himself. You can download the app called ”Narendra Modi”. The Android Play Store users can download it free of cost. The PM tweeted about the launch of his app from his official twitter account and asked citizens to “Come, let’s stay connected on the mobile” The PM requested Indian citizens to use the multiple innovative features of the app launched recently. He requested citizens of India to give feedback. This application can be used to tune into social media buzz, You can track down the initiative of PM and global recognitions using this app. Sri Narendra Modi is trying constantly to get connected with the citizens of India and this app will help him achieve his target. 

The features of this app are as follows:

  • A chance to receive messages and emails from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is a great feature for the followers of Sri Modi.
  • There is an option to contribute and earn recognition as ‘badges’ through tasks.
  • You will get the updated news updates of the Prime Minister
  • The visitor can get the chance to listen to ‘Mann ki Baat’ editions of Prime Minister Modi
  • You can communicate with the PM and exchange suggestions and ideas.
  • You can read the blogs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • You can get innovative ideas in the biography section
  • You can get holistic information on achievements and initiatives of Union Government, and also an ‘infographics’ section.

Narendra Modi is a tech-savvy leader. He promotes e-governance and m-governance from the initial phase of his government. After he assumed the post of Prime Minister-ship in 2 months, he started a project known as MyGov. He loves to use social media to communicate with people of India. He shares all types of news like Indian General Elections 2014, victory or Barack Obama’s India trip. He loves to use social media. At the time of India going mobile, he has taken a decision to take a step by communicating with people at their convenience. The buzzword of an app developer is responsive and it can work across devices and a variety of screen sizes. The responsive design is a trend in technology. Narendra Modi is present on all types of screens. The term responsive is connected with the way your site adapts itself. PM  Modi spoke about the ‘Narendra Modi App’ on Twitter:

Western governments  had unique rules for communications in the digital world. It makes sure every website, microsite, webpage or digital app follows the philosophy of design. The government outlines the rules. The review of the official Narendra Modi app tells us that you start with downloading the app from the Google Play Store. As you install the app, enter your phone number and date of birth. Then you can reach menu from the top right.

You see a slider in date selector. You find it easy to choose a date, month and year. In the ‘News’ section, you can choose ‘Recent’ or ‘Popular’ news. You adjust the button on top right.

You will be able to view updates; You can watch the Mann Ki Baat programme. You can communicate with Prime Minister. You can become an active partner in building India.

The app gives you a chance to go through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, the PM’s blog, and speeches.

You will score points for talking with the application. These points would satisfy the end user.

We expect security of data of the app. PM Narendra Modi had taken a collaborative step in constructing this mobile application for PMO. We will observe the performance of the app on the Play Store. This app will help Narendra Modi get connected with other people on the world using mobile phones. It will increase the popularity of Sri Narendra Modi and people will come to know about him in totality.