About the question: Talking about dream run of BJP government coming to an end with the Delhi election with a disastrous note. Analysts have aimed it, declaring it as an end of the Narendra Modi wave, how Mr. Modi is taking it?

About the answer: The political question answered in the most diplomatic way by Mr. Modi. He says that he respects the verdict of the people of Delhi. He feels it amusing that the people, who have not discussed about the Modi wave, when it was election of 2014 have now started intensely talking about it.

He repeats that he respects those people who have voted in the elections held after the Lok Sabha elections. He looks at the positive side and informs to take the cases of Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir state elections or the local body elections in Assam, Punjab, MP and Rajasthan. BJP has won in all these states. He shows in the confidence for enjoying the love and trust of the people of the country.

About the question: Narendra Modi was asked about the PDP – BJP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir and the controversy within a month. He himself admits that he was not aware of the release of the Hurriyat leader Masarat Alam. Is he happy with all this?

About the answer: He shows his anger on this and says that any lenience with terrorists and anti-national elements will not be tolerated. Not forgetting the larger picture that first ever development has been allied in Jammu and Kashmir government with people’s participation and can result in good governance. He is trying to make out a place for the government in Kashmir and then take up people together to act.

About the question: He was asked about his plans on bringing northeast states into the mainstream and are his plans working?

About the answer: He admits that, he has said this and calls those eight states as Astha Lakshmi of India. During his ten month tenure, he has visited Northeast twice. He has taken up infrastructure projects and development project discussion such as railways, water and energy, with the officials there during his visits and participations in festivals. He says that he is very keen on the development of infrastructure and connectivity. Lumbding- Silchar railway gauge conversion is completed in eight months and is under testing.

Narendra Modi has also urged people of the nation to respect and consider the people of the northeast among themselves. Security of the people of Northeast has also been ensured and all citizens should take it as a measure to keep them safe. With this intention, central government has conducted a meeting with the DGs of states of the Northeast. In this new beginning, northeast will become an active part of the development process of India.

About the question: Narendra Modi recently observed the judiciary should not be influenced by “five-star activists“. That has created questions in people’s minds. Does he think the judiciary is stepping in because the executive is leaving a vacuum in many cases?

About the answer: He makes a safe escape from this question to avoid the controversy. He said it is better that experts look into this matter. He took a diplomatic stance that because of judiciary sometimes some positive outcomes has come up while sometimes it has resulted in a painful situation. He talks about administrative lethargy and mentions that we should not suspect on intentions of all.


This answer shows his maturity as a person and a politician. He is not inclined towards making negative statements anywhere throughout the interview or have not tried at all to point out the inefficiency of other parties. Instead of years long political practices of Indian government, leg pulling and blame games, the interview is totally oriented towards Narendra Modi, his work, his intention and his thoughts towards the questions that have risen in the past ten months. This is the in and out of Narendra Modi government, answers to many questions. At many places, Narendra Modi has got a chance to clarify what he is trying to do and what are his ambitions for the nation. Out and out it looks like India is heading towards the progress and a clear image will be visible after a few years, which can be studied through Thekarmayogi diaries.