In the second part of Modi Ji’s Speech, we will talk about the rest of answers given by him in the house. Narendra Modi talked over Mayawati’s accusation and said as he is new to the house and not much experienced. He explained as out of 125Crore population only 29Crore population have their life insurance and only 19Crore have Accidental Death Cover Insurance and only 6Crore having Organized Pension Scheme cover. BPL category people, Widows and senior citizens who are getting 300 to 1500 rupees monthly, it’s a very normal arrangement and we need to work strongly in this direction. Modi said as he believed that these policies will help to the last man of our society.

Pradhanmantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana: Yearly 330 rupees of cover that means 1 rupee daily which will give insurance of about 2 lacs rupees in even natural death situation.

Atal Pension Yojana: It will work for senior citizens above the age of 60 on different options of 1000, 2000,3000 and 5000 Rs. If a 20-year-old person associate with this scheme he has to pay 248 rupees until 60 years of his age and after that he will get 5000 rupees pension every year and even after his death his wife will be nominee to get this pension. These schemes are not heavy for the pockets of even a poor to the poorest person in our society. This will increase social security for everybody.

One more plan we have proposed of Gold Bond. In India still gold has hallmark of other countries so we will propose coins, biscuits and pennies of Ashoka chakra emblem. Indian gold is like a dead money in the market so we should monetizing gold and circulate it in the economy.

Indian gold is like a dead money in the market so we should monetizing gold and circulate it in the economy.

You don’t need to buy metal directly, you can have gold bond of some amount and when you will return papers the same amount of gold will be given to you.

Gold Bond Scheme

Gold Bond Scheme


Narendra Modi has a great detailing power and whenever he sees any policy and methodology which can serve for our country he tries to implement it in the system.

We should work with an open heart. In-house Anand Sharma and Ghulam Nabi Azad showed their disappointment related to transfer of officers. Modi said he wants to remind them in 2004 when UPA government formed they discharged Cabinet Secretary on immediate action.

In 2004, you discharged Home secretary. You changed Defence Secretary without any delay. You insulted many governors who were from NDA tenure and you suspend their tenure.

Opposition attacks on Modi as he thinks good and speaks well but does not convert it into action. Modi said he wants to know how a government works. Do not get carried away by ruling powers. It is a responsibility. Railway and Highway both are under government, but both have tussled as railway and highway do not pass the projects of each other.

Narendra Modi brought an online portal for this and now all projects have been cleared even of 350years old. Modi assured as any project will be cleared within 60 days from now.

Narendra Modi is only one politician who is presenting his every schemes, policies and project directly to citizens of India. No government was as informative so far as Modi government.

Narendra Modi gave records and statistics to opposition:

In UPA government daily awarded highway was 7.4Km and achieved 5.2Km, in 0 months of Modi Government its 18Km awarded and 10.1 Km achieved. Double of the previous government.

Railways: New Line 2013-14 in UPA term- 390Km

New Line in 9 months in BJP Government- 410 Km

2013-14 – Gauge Conversion – 585 kilometer.

In 9 Months– 700 kilometer.

UPA – doubling – 675 kilometer.

BJP Government– 810 kilometer.

Aadarsh Gram Yojana, Universal Account Number, MGNREGA, Digital India, Black Money are the topics we have been covered many a times and Modi has explained it to members of Rajya Sabha. Work is occurring, policies are implementing but we are not satisfied yet because it’s just a small start.

For growth and development, these policies need to be implement successfully. Narendra Modi echoed Rajya Sabha one more time with his exact answer. Narendra Modi himself plans and pay attention to every project that’s why he doesn’t need to read a scripted speech and this one quality of his makes him stand out. We have huge faith in him and we hope he will continue his journey of development to build his Dream India.