Narendra Modi replied to the discussion on the motion of Thanks on President’s address in Rajya Sabha on 3rd March 2015. Narendra Modi thanked every one for guiding their pints in-house. In his speech, he talked about the changed political circumstances. Narendra Modi echoed Rajya Sabha with his impactful speech. He stressed on council of states members to think about their respective state’s economic growth despite their political tussles. Indian voters have expressed their faith and expectation to this government and it’s their duty and responsibilities to meet up their expectation with the help of state government. Central government is totally ready for this.

Narendra Modi as a great orator always has a skill to put their thought with firmness and straightforward manner. He said that in a democracy threat do not work. In Gujarat, he used to get daily threatening letters about imprisonment and he said we are aware who has this character of using the threat of democracy keeping laws aside. Concern is problems and this government does not think them elite as there is no need of any more learning. In sharp words, Modi indirectly attacked those who did not give credit to our freedom fighter then how they will support this government in the development voyage.

I hailed from Lal Kila that this nation is here with the collective contribution of previous Prime Ministers and governments. Government does not make any country; people who shed their sweat and blood have made this country. When opposition talks about acquiring previous governments schemes, let me remind some of your strategies which actually were name replacement of previous governments.

  • At the time of NDA government, there was a project named “Multipurpose National Identity Card Project” which converted by UPA Government as “Aadhar, UIDAI.
  • At the time of Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, he proposed a project “Sampurna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana” which converted in “Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.”
  • One more project “Freedom of Information Act” has converted by UPA in “Right to Information Act”.
  • “In today Ann Yojna” has been changed to “National Food Security Act”.
  • “Sarvshiksha Abhiyaan” has changed as “Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act”.
  • “Swarnim Jayanti Graam Swaraj Yojana” has renamed as “National Rural Livelihoods Mission”.
  • Atal Ji’s “Total Sanitation Campaign” has renamed as “Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan”.
  • At the time of NDA one project was “Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority” has renamed as “Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Act”.

Examples are many where it is seen as converting name of projects by UPA government who was attacking “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” is just a name of their “Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan”. Modi showed his grief on how “perception” prevails in politics. How this perception has done loss for congress, they are facing is known by everyone. Narendra Modi explained about BJP’s presence in entire India. We are representing Laddakh to Kanyakumari. From Kutch to Kanyakumari Bhartiya Janta Party has formed its government. We were pronounced as party of Hindi Belt but now BJP has stood itself in South. Tribal population has given us the ruling power in their areas be it Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat. Tribal people showed faith in us. Goa and Nagaland where deciding votes are from Christian community, we succeed to shape government. Jammu Kashmir where Muslim votes are deciding factor and Punjab where Sikh votes are deciding, we have been successful to form a government there. We have been accepted by every community and still opposition wants to create a myth of calling us party shrunk to the Urban Hindu population.

Narendra Modi always felt disappointment from the unnecessary accusation of different politicians and perception for BJP as the limited party. He said it has been now a history where you boast about your acceptance in Nation. He answered every question raised by different members of the house. On one question of Sharad Yadav, he counter questioned him. Sharad Yadav said that these projects and policies are for corporate people and program. Answering this accusation, Modi said that can’t we provide quality of life to our poor and villagers? Don’t they deserve a better and clean life? Can’t we give cleanliness to our people?

Cleanliness is nowhere connected to corporate benefits. It’s the issue of common people. Jan Dhan Yojana provided a right to our poor Indians to be part of mainstream banking system. Is it for Corporate?

Infrastructure and construction of toilets in schools are the programs for Corporate? Who goes to the government school? In villages now everyone has an aspiration to send their children to study. Better infrastructure and facilities will give them the opportunity to get educated by encouraging their participation.

If we talk about Soil Health Card then how it will benefit corporate, it cannot understand. Coal auction money would serve our eastern states where infrastructure and development need to trigger on high speed.

Ganga River affects 40% of India population directly and indirectly and Mission Ganga would cater them. It is not just environmental program but economic as well by providing work to our labor and unemployed population. Skill development and Housing for all are not projects for corporate at all.

We have given a provision of 42% devolution from budget to State governments is one step to strengthen our states and make them independent. It’s a council of states program where states would have complete freedom for their multidimensional development.

MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinancing Agency) project is a project which will give wings to Indians who wants to do their own work. It will provide them independency whether he is a scooter repairing shop or vegetable vendor or boot polish person. MUDRA will provide them a loan with no burden of 120% interest rates which they get from the market and can never be able to repay it. MUDRA will give them courage to start up their livelihood.

We have 54% rural population who earn their bread by small businesses and out of these more than 60% are from Scheduled Cast, Scheduled Tribe and OBC. This is our backward and unseen part of society where we need to focus. We should make efforts to bring them forward and economically independent.

Narendra Modi since his CM term never speaks to media publicly, but he always gave answers to Indians whom they address sisters and brothers. At every stage and platform where he officially bound to answer, he spoke full heartedly with the steady and accurate answers.

Narendra Modi has answered questions raised by opposition members. In our next article, we will talk about the answers given by Narendra Modi to rest of the questions.



Contributor: Sudha Joshi