Narendra Modi on 6th August 2016 addressed one of the Obama style town hall meeting marking the 2nd anniversary of My Government initiative which aims to bridge the gap between citizen and Government. The event was held at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi. The event saw the participation of various stakeholders including the Cabinet ministers, senior officers from Ministries and Departments, government organizations, representatives from media, IT and social media industry and citizens.

In a day-long program, Narendra Modi took questions on many issues ranging from the health sector, handloom industry, smart city, cow vigilantism and foreign policy. The highlight of the speech was his take on the ‘Gau Rakhsk’ brigade who have created a mess by taking law in their hand as well as affected the secularism of the country. In recent times, Modi was criticized by many opponents, cynics as well as the liberal front for not being vocal about the rising intolerance. Narendra Modi directed the State Government to have a check on such activities as well as called such brigades a coward who hide behind the mask of nationalism and does all the anti-national activities. He said there are many instances where it was found that people build Gaushala’s just to do business in the name of cow protection. He said people who consider cow as their mother should also make sure she don’t eat plastics which often cost her life.

My Government initiative which takes all kind of grievances, as well as suggestions, has drawn over 1 Billion hits and is one of the most popular Government initiatives which sees the participation of thousands of people every day and the relevant and attainable comments or suggestions are taken by Narendra Modi himself. Modi said, “Grievance Redressal is an essential component of democracy, every citizen should have their problems addressed and responded to. I raise one issue but the whole system is addressed. We are taking few initiatives for good governance. We want to develop good governance where processes are less and things get done easily for citizens.”

Talking about the economic development, Narendra Modi said that despite a slowdown in the economic progress throughout the world, India is doing quite well growing at the rate of 7.6% every year and if we can push the growth to 8% for 30 years, we will be at the top. He also talked about the industry which has not yet been harnessed to the full potential, i.e. tourism industry. Despite many incredible India campaigns, India has not been able to draw the foreign tourists in huge numbers. Modi said the Government is committed to making this sector more fascinating. The launch of e-visas is one of the steps taken in order to make the process of traveling to India more hassle free.

Narendra Modi launched the PMO application developed by the group of six students and a merchandise store on website.

Narendra Modi also answered questions in details providing an insight to what is in the store for coming years and how BJP Government is devoted to making plans attainable rather than just creating a roadmap.

Contributor: Shivaji Singh