Congress party recently criticized the Modi government of only giving support to the rich corporate houses of India. But Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, the senior BJP leader and parliamentary affairs minister said that the Modi government had not created wealth for Ambanis and Gautam Adani. They were rich before the Modi government was formed. They had earned millions before the present BJP government. The Narendra Modi vision of India includes the poorest of the poor and his government believes in development for all.

The other parties of the opposition and Congress did not want to discuss the land acquisition bill. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a meeting of his MPs of his party said that he is a leader who works for the poor people. He has no corporate interest in his mind. We are not here to criticize any political party, but we would just like to raise a point, where all the parties could never show any action for the pendencies of issues or any solid developmental reforms, they are just involved in constantly criticizing Narendra Modi. PM takes all decisions for the benefit of the poor people of India. The rich can take care of themselves, well, but the poor needs support from the government. 

The government is really working for the poor and has set its goal for their development. In Hindi, Sri Modi often says, “hum jitey hain unkey liye, hum nikley hain unke liye.” He could not come in the news without working for the poor. The Modi government is always beside the poor. Their motive is not to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in public life by wasting tax payers’ money. They are instructed to work for the welfare of poor people of India.

The PM gave a stern reply to his critics. He said that the habit of reducing the positive image of BJP is quite unfair. He did not talk about the land bill. Modi talked about the role of his government for improving the condition of the poor farmers. He instructed his MPs to tell the public about the BJP’s role for the poor people. According to Sri Narendra Modi, his MPs must distinguish between the present government and the previous ones on important national issues. The important point is the policy for farmers. The BJP government took a landmark decision by providing compensation for those suffering due to recent rains. The usual criterion for crop damage is 50%. But it has been reduced to 33% to help the poor people.

Sri Modi had referred to the land bill during the criticism of a portion of the media. They had publicized his speech in the wrong way. He gave a stern reply at the meeting held at Bengaluru. It was the national executive meeting of BJP. PM Narendra Modi asserted the right of criticism. But he said that the critics cannot identify themselves as neutral. He highlights the problems of the poor and the projects of his government are for the welfare of poor people.

The positive outcome of programs of BJP government is the fall in inflation, which has helped the poor considerably. A list of programs was created to help poor people. They benefit from the direct payment of gas subsidy to their bank account. He has made great efforts to empower of villagers. It will also help the poor living in cities.


Sri Narendra Modi went for a foreign trip of three countries recently. He informed the public that the initiatives of BJP government are showing results. This has been duly acknowledged by head of the World Bank, Mr. Barack Obama, and the President of United States of America. He is also the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). These organizations have accepted India as the fastest growing economy in the world.

In the meeting, Sri Narendra Modi was flanked by party veteran L K Advani. He was talking with Sri Advani and Sri Venkaiah Naidu. He appreciated the cooperation of MPs of BJP. He worked hard for getting consent of the people to the land acquisition bill. He showed his pride for their contribution to the country. His ministers have worked as public relations for spreading the message of the government.

The PM replied to the questions of his critics. The critics wanted his MPs to counter the arguments. He did not mention the land bill. Narendra Modi followed the steps of government for the welfare of farmers and poor people. He requested his MPs to emphasize these issues.

When Sri Narendra Modi gave a reference to the land bill, a section of media attacked him with strong criticism. This was a wrong interpretation of his speech. There is a tradition of criticizing BJP. He said that the constitution empowered them with the right to speak, but they are not neutral agents. He insists on not only talking about the poor, but also working for the poor.

Sri Narendra Modi returned from a foreign trip of three countries. He said that the initiatives of government are showing results. US President Barack Obama also accepted that India is the fastest growing economy of the world and accepted by the IMF and World Bank. He has been nominated as the best reformer prime minister in the world.