Mann Ki Baat is one medium which brings our Prime Minister to our home. It feels as one of our family members is sharing his life experience with us. In his ninth edition of Mann ki Baat, PM Modi addressed citizens of India. Today PM Modi has talked about various topics which we have been encountered in last few days. He also suggested many ideas to us for the betterment of our lives. He started with his previous “Mann Ki Baat” where he asked for the pictures of #Incredible India.  He sounded very happy with the involvement of people in Incredible India’s showcasing program where thousands of pictures have been posted on Facebook, Twitter. He mentioned few examples which he had Retweeted earlier. Pictures of Belum Caves from Andhra Pradesh, Orchha Pictures of MP, and pictures of Menal waterfall pictures from water-deprived Rajasthan were pictures which enthralled PM.

He immensely felt content with the reaction towards Yoga as the world welcomed Sun on International Yoga Day on 21st June. When our heritage has been acknowledged and respected by the world then there is no pride more than this to feel. He said I was not sure when I put my words in UN assembly about the importance of Yoga but the way World reciprocated, it became a proud moment for us. Wherever the sun reaches, the world celebrated this as a global festival.  India always has been an inspiration to the world and this is one pleasant present to the world by our ancient and glorious tradition. Whether it’s France’s pride Eiffel tower or Times Square, New York, Opera House in Sydney or North America, Milan’s Cathedral everywhere Yoga was glorifying its presence. He mentioned about the Yoga practice by UN Secretary Ban- Ki-Moon, which sent a message of acceptance of Yoga.

International Yoga Day has been celebrated in mountains to the ocean.  Siachen Valley’s where our soldiers performed Yoga and our Naval powers celebrated amidst waves of the ocean. Yoga has become a beautiful source of the adjoining world.  He also stressed on introducing our Indian legacy, values and heritage to the curious world out there. The world is inquisitive to understand and comprehend our culture so it is our responsibility to let them know what they seeking for. Sometimes we took our possessions so granted as we never see them in a way of others do. He highlighted one of our legacy “Family Values” as one of the fine examples to offer to the world.   

 He called our IT professionals to prepare a database where we can provide ample information of Yoga teachers, Yoga practices and techniques which will serve everyone to embrace this splendid makeover in our life styles.  One functional government can change a complete scenario from “Kuch Nahi Hota” to how things work. He mentioned Ayush Department which was one of the unobserved departments of Indian government has actively performed to make Yoga Day a successful event. Rajpath of Delhi has made a Guinness World Record by converting it as Yoga Path where 35,985 people gathered from different 84 nationalities.  

He also mentioned the quick reliefs send by the Indian government to Yemen and Nepal. He also told about the progress of toilet constructions and reconstruction in government schools which he hailed from the rampart of Lal Quila on last Independence Day.  He also proposed one innovative idea to celebrate the festival of Brother and Sisters “Rakshabandhan” in a unique way. He asked everybody to gift one of the Social Security Scheme launched by government as a lifetime present to our sisters, house maids, ladies working in fields or women who are fully or partially part of our lives. This way we can make them part of mainstream society and give them a respected spot.  He also talked about the suggestions he got from every corner of the country. Many of them asked to talk about the “Monsoons”. It’s a season which filled happiness in everyone’s lives. We enjoy this season with the Pakoda’s, Bhajia,s and hot tea, but this season also brings some troubles in regular working of life. Many suggestions to wrestle against these hold ups have been recommended by him.

PM Modi emphasized on harvesting rain water which can be a great help to meet up water requirements in the areas where these problems exist. He gave an instance of Mahatma Gandhi’s house in Porbandar where water harvesting tank is still in working conditions after 200 years. Prime Minister knows as every problem has two kinds of solution, one where the government can do its part and second where society can play a vital role. Rainwater Harvesting is an old technique to save every drop of water. It should be a mass revolution. Who doesn’t love greenery and nature? Then why we do not be a part to adorn our surroundings by the plantation. He shared one technique to increase the growth of a seedling with us which few of us aware of. He advised putting one water filled ewer (Mitti ka ghada) near to sapling for enhancing its growth. Narendra Modi also advised farmers to plant trees at corners of the field. Monsoons also bring bacterial infection which can be cured by taking few precautionary steps of using boiled water. He added we have 500 small to big cities where waste to wealth can be a right step to produce urea and fertilizers. AMRUT program in which we will make our cities clean to live a better life is also mentioned by him. We need to compete with the world so Smart Cities are also one of the programs proposed by the government. He also dreamt to give a house to every citizen of India by 2022 when we would be celebrating the 75th year of our independence.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao program launched by the government has taken one interesting turn when one Sarpanch Sunil Jaglan from Haryana village Bibipur has started an innovative competition to embark this entire uprising to save daughters. Haryana where the ration of girls is least as compare to boys, he initiated a competition where he asked selfies with daughters from the village residents with #selfiewithdaughters. PM Modi also asked everyone to make it a nationwide event by celebrating love for daughters by sharing selfies with them by using hashtag #selfiewithdaughters and an inspiring tagline with photos and post it on twitter and Facebook.

He asked us to share handicrafts pictures as well under the incredible India program. At the end of his Mann Ki Baat PM also revised to celebrate Yoga in our daily lives, enjoying monsoons fully. Hope we will be benefitted soon by his “Mann Ki Baat” next edition.


Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi