Continuing with the tradition of addressing nation every Sunday highlighting topics of national importance, Narendra Modi held his 19th Mann Ki Baat on all India radio and talked about water conservation in details. It has come at time when many states in India are suffering from acute water scarcity and many areas have been declared drought hit with Marathwada being affected the most, where only 3% water is left in the reservoirs or dams.

Narendra Modi in his 30 minutes long speech said, “If there are consecutive droughts, water reservoirs run dry. Due to encroachments, blocking there is less water storage. To tackle drought and water shortage, governments make efforts but I have observed that citizens make commendable effort”.

Narendra Modi also talked about the economic importance of water and how shortage of water could be reduced through rain water harvesting and not a single drop should be wasted, emphasizing on sustainable development. Potable drinking water result in healthy livelihood thus contributing to the higher mortality rate which ensures economic growth through efficient workforce.

Modi also said there’s a ray of hope in the form of monsoon as it’s expected to be up from 106% to 110% this year. This may come as a good news for the residents in drought prone area who are having dreadful times, leading them flee their home and search for shelter in nearby cities. There have been report of many suicides and death of human as well as cattle in many district of Maharashtra. Apart from Maharashtra, many district of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh have also been affected. Narendra Modi talked about the alternative form of irrigations; sprinkler irrigation a form which requires less water compared to the traditional methods practiced widely could be used extensively in order to avoid wastage of groundwater. Prime minister applauded the farmers of Ahmednagar who abandoned cultivating water intensive crops like sugarcane and have adopted sprinkle irrigation to cultivate their crops.

Narendra Modi also talked about the cleanliness drive in Simhasth Kumbh, Kumbh Mela organised in Ujjain which could be a learning lot for all the festive gatherings. He asked to initiate a photo competition with the help of state and centre Government which may act as an another tourist attractions and development in those areas.

Contributor: Shivaji Singh