Narendra Modi on June 26, 2016 delivered his 21st Mann Ki Baat on All India Radio where he mostly talked about the economic development and also recalled the 1975 Emergency declaring it as the darkest night for democracy. He said, “That was the time when people’s voices were trampled over, but now people express their views on how the government is performing referring to the 3 lakh people who had evaluated the two years of the Modi government by giving their opinions on Prime Minister Modi started his address by sharing the good news of most part of the India receiving the first shower of Monsoon and also congratulated ISRO for launching 20 satellites into the orbit.

Narendra Modi talked about the importance of ISRO in launching 20 satellites at one go which establish India as a nation to look for and also a host nation to launch foreign satellites. Out of 20 satellites, 2 were made by students from Chennai and Pune which symbolizes the aspiration of today’s youth. He said those two satellites will always remain special for him. India has been able to garner lots of attention from foreign countries because of cost effectiveness. On an average, India launches satellites at 10 times less cost than other nations do.

Modi also talked about the success of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Andolan which has resulted in girls applying in all kind of jobs. Three women joining Indian Air Force as a fighter jet pilot show how Indian women have come out of their comfort zone and is taking all sort of challenging jobs. All three of them are from non-metro not even from their’s state’s capital. He also talked about the grandeur in which International Day of Yoga was celebrated uniting the world with lots of pompous and joy. It was celebrated in over 100000 Lakh places in India. Modi also invited people to share their experience on fighting diabetes through yoga by using the hashtag #yogafightsdiabetes on social media.

Prime Minister appealed to people to disclose their source of income by 30 September and come clean and become part of the transparent governance. He also questioned how is it possible for a country with more than 125 Crores people having only 1.5 people with income more than 50 Lakhs and on contradiction many having the purchasing power to buy a house worth 1-2 Crores. Modi also warned people with undisclosed assets to face severe consequences as by doing so they are not only cheating the Government but also hampering the growth of the country. He said people should take an inspiration from Chandrakant Damodar Kulkarni, a retired government employee from Pune who has pledged to donate 1/3rd of his pension towards Swacch Bharat Kosh.

Contributor: Shivaji Singh