Coinciding with the Labour day, Prime minister Narendra Modi launched Pradhan Mantri Ujjawal Yojna in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh on 1st May 2016. This scheme aim to provide free cooking gas to below poverty line families residing mostly in the rural houselhold.

Narendra Modi was jubilant and congratulated 1.5 crore families who gave up their LPG subsidy thus saving ₹4166 crores Government expenditure provided on subsidy. Subsidy provided on each gas cylinder by central Government amounts to ₹5000 annually. “Give It up” campaign which was launched a year back have got tremendous response and Modi Government have succeeded in drawing people’s attention towards the disparity in household income as well as public good.

The Prime Minister also spoke on the significance of May Day or labour day and said “The new ‘Mantra’ should be “Labourers, unite the world” as against “Workers of the World, Unite”, the slogan which used to be raised earlier. He added, the situation has changed now. The biggest factor is the sweat of the workers who hold the power to unite the world, people who were only raising slogans to unite the workers have been losing ground the world over”.

Narendra Modi also mentioned his visit to Uttar Pradesh has nothing to do with the election campaign. Motive behind choosing Balia was to draw attention towards the risk and nuisances of using traditional chulhas which account for more than 80% in the district, a way below the national average. Modi said, poverty can only be eradicated if poor are empowered, and are provided ample resources and opportunities be it through proper houses, jobs, electricity drinking water and electricity. Each plays an important role in the development and provide economic sancity to the region. Initiative like Pradhanmatri Ujjawal Yojana aim to bridge the gap and make rural household economically stable.

Pradhan mantri Ujjawal Yojna would be partly funded by the money saved from “Give It Up” campaign as well as funds approved by the cabinet which amounts to about ₹8000 crores. The Scheme will provide a financial support of ₹1600 to each LPG connection in below poverty line households for the coming three years. However, eligibility to avail this benefit would de decided consulting the State governments and Union Territories”.

In the first year, 1.5 crore connections; for which Rs. 2,000 crore have already been allocated by the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in this year’s budget) will be distributed to the women below poverty line.

To be part of the “Give It Up” campaign and contribute towards the Pradhan mantri Ujjawal Yojna, visit this page and surrender your LPG subsidy

g2Contributor: Shivaji Singh